Wheels-Tires 2006 V6 Deluxe Convertible Wheel Upsizing

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  1. Hi!

    I desperately need new tires and want wider tires this time, so I thought I would up size my wheels at the same time.

    I have researched so much information as to what will fit my car without causing problems like rubbing, increased gas mileage, having to change calipers, rotors, etc. but I am reading conflicting information.

    Here are 3 ideas I was contemplating but I need advice as to the pros and cons and whether they would be compatible with my 2006 V6 Deluxe version Convertible. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1.) 2013 GT OEM 18x8's with 235/50-VR18 Pirelli's w/1500 miles used on tread (Craigslist ad)

    2.) 17x8 Bullitt Rims (non OEM) with Sumitomo All Season A/S P01 Tire - 235/55-17 (American Muscle)

    3.) Stay with current stock 16x7's and get 225/60-16's from local tire shop.
  2. Whoa Nelly!! Slow down!

    Don't everyone try to help me out all at once!
  3. I hated my 16" tires. I went with a pair of 17" rims on eBay and got some new pirrelli's put on it. If the craigslist ad is a good deal, i would probably go for that one personally. But i don't have any good advice on what side affects you might get from getting those particular sized wheels. I get some minor steering wheel shake occasionally from mine, bit i think it's from the more aggressive offset.
  4. Just make sure the offset is for the 05-08 Mustang, and I'd say get some larger wheels to enhance the look of your car.

    Newtakeoff.com is another place to look for some wheels too.