2006 V6 Mustang vs. Grand Prix

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  1. I'm leaning toward the Mustang but the Grand Prix is very intriguing. The GT model is 200 HP and the supercharged GTP is 260 HP. But that's not what makes the Grand Prix so cool. The options and features that come with it are excellent in addition to the comfort and handling.

    So what I guess I'm saying is, how would you rate these two cars side by side?
  2. They are two totally different cars no comparison. If your considering a GP then you probably won't like the Mustang.
  3. Drive both and see which you prefer. I did. I bought the mustang because I found the interior of the grand prix to be intolerable. I'm only 5'9", yet when I sat in the Grand Prix, my head touched the roof. That was with the vertical adjustment on the seat all the way down. Maybe I sit at an odd angle, but for someone less than 6' to touch the roof I think is ridiculous. I have no such issues in the mustang. My wife also preferred the passenger seat in the mustang to the GTP.

    Defiantly drive both though. When you drop the cash for a car, you want to make sure you're not staring at others on the road saying to yourself "I wish I woulda..."

  4. Isn't a GP FWD? I always perfer real wheel drive as far as performance because a FWD car can never out perform a RWD car unless maybe if you are driving in reverse. For example, when you jam on the gas in a RWD car you shift the weight to the rear wheels and really "plant" them. Now with a FWD car all that power and weight shifts off of the front wheel leaving less traction..........just something to think about.

  5. Well, FWD does handle better in the snow and here in Chicago, that is a helpful thing.
  6. This is true here in NJ, but I'm not about to go racing in the snow
  7. Have you ever heard of a SRT-4 ?
    It is front wheel drive...
    It costs less than a 05 V6...
    It is much faster than an 05 V6... :banana:
  8. OK, in just about every other forum, there are "racing" sections where you can post kills and whatnot. I love reading about them because it is a lot of fun. I don't want to join another mustang forum because I love stangnet, but I just think that it would be cool to have a "kill" section for us to post about the fun we've had with our cars and other people
  9. Less than an 05 v6? srt-4 has a base of 21,995. The only ones i have seen on lots have been listed between 24-29k. That is GT territory, and they are not faster than a GT
  10. http://www.edmunds.com/apps/nvc/edmunds/VehicleComparison;jsessionid=CnJp7kvP6S9K53nTnhZCsWsMM1pzlfGyQtf4QpVW1pGTMb1JJJGZ!189344866?op=2&tab=features&maxvehicles=5&basestyleid=100379992&styleid=100394782&vehicleindex=1&removestyle=100394782&styleid=100454495

    There's a link for ya. The Dodge NEON-SRT4 may have 10 more hp, but thats a turbo charged 10 hp, with a whole whopping 5 lbs more torque.

    Taking Fazm's numbers from another thread, if we get roughly:

    tune and cai - 20hp
    headers - 20-25hp
    exhaust - 10hp

    soon to come i hope
    underdrive pulleys 5-8hp
    electric water pump - 15hp

    thats what, roughly 50-60 more hp? Which makes the gap down around 260-220 in our favor? Wow, you just paid 4K more for FWD and 50 less horses. Now, lets take that 4K and see what a turbo charger does for me, eh?
  11. Pontiac uglied the Grand Prix into a wimpy looking family sedan.
    It looks like cross between a Grand Am and Bonneville and should've been renamed the Grand Bonneville instead.
    I'd rather own a 1994-96 Grand Prix or a 1997-2003 since they look more sportier.
    But, I'd take a 2005 Mustang over all.
  12. Well how would the 05 mustang do against that Grand Prix GTP? Would it be able to beat it because of the rear wheel drive, or would it get beat cause of the GTP's 260hp?
  13. The GTP has a slight 0-60 edge (6.5 vs 6.9), but they are very close.
    I'd say it would depend on the driver. With some slight mods (i.e. CAI, exhaust) I think the Stang could take it.
  14. no question the MUSTANG

    All pontiac cars are UGLY as far Im concerned
    except for the 2002 trans-am , firebird (which they discontinued)
    a gp is ugly and it looks cheap

    the stang is nice looking and innovative!!!

    easy choice in my book
  15. A Mustang will always beat it, in looks, heritage, value for the dollar, fun, etc.
  16. Had to chime in here with a few points to consider about front wheel drive cars...

    No (and I mean NO) true sports car has FWD (no Ferrari, Lambo, Porsche, AstonM., Lotus, Corvette, Viper, NSX, etc). Not one. If it has FWD ... it *ain't* a sports car (even if it looks like one). The reasons for this are:

    1) The traction concern someone already mentioned. This is a catch-22 situation, the faster you accelerate, the more traction you lose.

    2) Weight distribution. FWD cars have a disproportionately large % of weight over the front tires. This ruins the handling characteristics of the car. 50/50 is optimal for handling, the Mustang has 53/47.

    FWD cars have better *traction* in the snow, but not better handling IMO (I've driven both types many times in snow). Plus, you can very easily rectify the snow traction problem w/ a RWD car simply by putting weight in the trunk (like sand bags or gym-weights). Also, you can get traction control as an option on the Mustang (I live in NJ and ordered it).
  17. I agree with the Grand Prix being ugly, plus its in a different class than the Mustang, a GP has 4 doors. Plus a new mustang will out handle a Grand Prix any day, the best bang for the buck is the Mustang and I'm not saying that just to say that. To me the quality of GM and Pontiac is going down. I have two Grand Am's in my family and I own a chevy cavalier, once these cars hit 75k miles everything gets loose and the front suspension has gone to crap. The bottom line is 22k spent on a Pontiac is not the same as 22K spent on a Ford. I love American cars and I like Pontiac but it seems to be the lower class American car. I'm sure the GTO is solid though for 34K
  18. Yeah its solid and ugly!! GTO in my opinion was a dissapointment!!
    GM should have contined to produce the camaro/trans am
  19. To be quite honest, I have no idea why you care which one is faster. If you want a truly fast car, get a Mustang GT. A V6 stang and a Grand Prix are both nice sporty cars, but speed is not the prime concern when buying such cars. Styling and practicaility are usually the key variables.
  20. It may be ugly to you but it is fast and it does everything really well!

    Buy hey, I'm in to ugly cars - but my women are hot! :rlaugh: