1. Went to the Auto Show last night, thought I'd share some pictures...

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    No show complete without GT 500 :D

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    Didn't care for the car... but.....

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    Still not caring for the car....

    She's got the "Why do you want me to sit in The GT Mustang" look of slight happyness & death going on.

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    Since Ryan can't drive yet, here's a picture of the RC car races :D

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  2. Nice, I cant wait to go in NY this year!
  3. was that the omaha autoshow? we have one this weekend, but i am not going. :(
  4. No. It was The Portland Show.
  5. they had a similar layout at the omaha show, thats why i asked. i saw some of the show on the news. :)
  6. It was a great show. The only down fall was people letting their kids run loose. We saw one kid touch a chrome grill of an ol' thirties car & yelled at him for it. If that would have been my kid, I woulda killed him. :bs: