2007 CorvetteZ06 Vs 2007 GT500

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  1. Who You Think will Win 2006 corvette Z06 Or GT500
  2. In a Mustang Forum, the shelby ,,, in a chevy forum Z06.
  3. 40 Grand Vs.75 Grand all I need to know.
  4. The Vette is about 500 lbs lighter than the published weight for the Shelby. No contest, I think.
  5. The Vette should win,drivers being equal. More hp less weight. 65k vs. ??K after markup. Can't lose either way.. both are going to be bad azz.
  6. the Z06 will run circles around the shelby, literally! Very good handling, more power, and I think 700 less pounds to haul around. Not such a bad deal when you add these adjusted market values in. Right now the auctions I have seen, the two are priced as competitors. (I know theresa big diference in msrp)
  7. Why does everyone always want to compare the GT500 and the Z06? They are completely different cars. The Z06 is meant to be competition for the Viper, Ford GT, 911, ect. The GT500's competition is the 425hp Charger and 300C, Challenger (?), GTO, Camaro, E55 AMG, BMW M3, Maybe the M5, ect. High horse power sedans and coupes, not all out sports cars. :nono:
  8. The true winners are those who buy these cars, and the prizes are the victories they claim at each stoplight.
    From motor trend " 2003 Chevrolet Corvette vs. 2003 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra"
    The reason i bought 03 cobra.
  9. stock power will be similar(shelby is underated)but vette is a lot lighter.BUT,with the blower,it will be easy to mod the shelby to very high HP levels.The vette will be more difficult to mod.
  10. Z06 would win and you can't use the rear seat in the Mustang anyways unless your 5. My wife has a C5 Z06 and it has 65k miles on it and it runs great and never has had a problem. I still like pushrod engines because the torque is wicked and gets 24 mpg and you can still work on it with ease.
  11. The Z0SUX Is way overrated.They ride ruff ,real loud inside and cant even clear a low speed bump. Not a good daily driver . So I suppose it depends on how you want to compare it.
  12. Great statement! I saw an 06 Z06 at our Chevrolet dealer while we were having our Suburban's oil changed. It was a real beauty! I would love to have one! This particular one was at or near $86k. I think it was marked up $16k, but I am not sure anymore. It was a sort of burnt orange with great big old wide tires! I had a Corvette many moons ago, but it was more of a project car and I never got it to where I could enjoy it. I had it when I changed jobs and really needed reliable transportation, so I sold it.

    But, I have loved Mustangs since I first saw them in '64! For me, there is no hard decision. I want the GT500 and whether or not the Z06 can beat it is not important to me. I can live with it, either way!
  13. That is just your opinion.

    Name a sports car in this category that does not ride a bit rough, it is called a performace suspension, and yes they are all low to the ground.

    Dollar for Dollar, the Z06 is probably the best sports car made.

    My opinion, overrated my a*ss.
  14. with the markup it will be very close in price...a better question is what other cars will compare to it in its "new" inflated msrp class? If its the same price to get a skyline 2007-2008 nissan/infinit, id take the all wheel drive skyline:)
  15. Please do buy the skyline. That would mean one less person trying to get the GT500. Which means there is one more that hasn't been purchased. And is up for grabs to the people that really want the car.
  16. C6 ZO6 owners are getting 500 to the wheels with just Headers and a tune.. With a good driver and DR's, these are 10second cars.
    And if you put a cam in the ZO6, your looking at 550 at the wheels (with a 3100 pound curb weight). These are easily 10 second cars.

    So I would say you comparison is false..

    Also, the "cracked" rods in the GT500 are said to be only good up to about 550-600rwhp. Since the GT500 weighs 3950 pounds:bang: , at 550-600 whp, the GT500 is still only going to be a mid 11 second car..
    To go faster, you will have to pull the engine and replace the internals, which will not be a cheap project.

    3950 pounds is not easy to overcome.. Just to run high 11's in the GT500, you are probably going to need close to 500-520 rwhp. :shrug:
  17. This is a loaded question.
  18. Just my opinion but I say buy a luxury car or something that has a great ride and do what I did and spend 5k on a bike. I've got a stock CBR that runs mid to low 10's and saves me money on gas :nice: I used to absolutly love mustangs but after giving it alot of thought unless you are a straight line drag guy with one friend and lives in Florida their are much better options out their. My next car is an S4: 340 hp so it is quick, AWD for the snow, 4 doors for the kiddies or friends, handles well and has great looks (also my opinion). Granted it is a little more cash but overall just a better more versitile car then the mustang. To bad it isn't american but what can ya do.
  19. While I think you are overstating things a bit (I've had 6 adults in my cobra. And it handles just fine in any weather. As long as I am not doing something stupid.) That is just one answer to going fast. But it doesn't do anything for the person who really wants a fast car. As for getting the S4. It's a very nice car. But don't think about modding it. It gets a lot more expensive a lot faster. And is a lot more limited in the things you can do for go fast.