2007 CorvetteZ06 Vs 2007 GT500

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  1. Oh I agree you can put people in the back of a mustang and I will say again I like mustangs I used to own one. I also agree you can drive just about anything in the snow if you drive correctly, but I do feel that the S4 is a little more comfortable for pasengers and more capable in the snow. As far as the mods go I know they are expensive and limited for the 2006 model right now. Which is why any mods would probably consist of just an exhaust. I won't be looking to get one until December anyways so hopfully a few more mods come out. I agree it isn't a go really fast car but that is what the Honda CBR is for :nice:
  2. The S4 is a very nice car. What it really boils down to is simple. What is your passion? If you are passionate about mustangs. The choice is obvious. If you are not passionate about cars just speed. Then motorcycles fit the bill. Myself, I like 4 wheels and a steel cage around me. But that is mainly because at times I tend to drive on the limits of my car. And I would like more than 1 opportunity to make a mistake.
  3. Forget the S4, spend a little more money go for the RS4. If I don't go for the Z06 myself the RS4 is what I'm going to get.


    BTW, this topic was discussed a while back and I listed my reasons why I feel the Z06 is the better ride over the GT500 price or no price, especially now that the car doesn't seem to be going for what Ford was hoping to list the car for because of greedy dealers. I can only imagine what the list is going to be up here in Canada if you guys down in the U.S. are forking out the $60,000 or so US to get them right now.
  4. I found the other post, it is listed here

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  5. I guess that really all depends on what you mean by a little more money. The $20k price range for me at least. Is not a little more money. Though I would definately prefer the RS4 over the S4
  6. I didn't think they made the S4 anymore. I'm pretty sure the S4 isn't avail anymore up here in Canada they are going to be selling the RS4.

    My "little bit of money" was referring to the difference in price between the Z06 and the RS4, althought you can say the same between those cars and the GT500 especially now the dealers are trying and probably getting the $60,000 or so for the first ones.

    So I guess the S4 new is around $40 and change?

  7. The S4 looks like a Grandpa car. Not sporty at all. It shouldn't even be compared to the Z06 or the GT500. Get Real.
  8. The S4 starts at $46k.
    And while to some it may look like a grandpa car. It handles many of the thins those 2 cars can't. Like 4 people comfortably. And if you step up to the RS4. Then it actually has some hp to work with 420hp out of a coupe like that. It's going to go pretty fast and handle well.
  9. Win what?
    A race? the 1/4 mile, a circuit, etc...?
    The highest bid in an auction?
    More appreciation and recognition?
  10. The RS4 is a sedan not a coupe and is a kick ass ride even compared to the other 2 mentioned autos.

    I have a daily driver which I drive 90% of the time and my Formula is my summer toy. The Z06 if and when I get one would replace that but sometimes I feel keeping 2 cars is a pain especially with maintainance and insurance etc etc.

    That's why I'm thinking about the RS4 too. The way I look at it is if I wanted to go back to one car that'll do it all that's my choice. The RS4 will rock in all types of weather conditions and have the power and handling to take care of 95% of the cars out there now and we won't even mention what happens if the weather gets nasty, a car for all situations.

    Still part of me thinks a car like that and driving it in the winter..........ahhh decisions decisions...........

  11. Oh believe me I like the RS4. If I could afford it I would. But right now I can't.
  12. Audi's, arent those cars the ones that the gas peddles sticks or when you hit the break it takes off?::OT:

    Shelby's Rule.....
  13. Have not seen that problem yet. However I can tell you it will take a turn faster than my cobra. And is not prone to swing the backside out when I accelerate.
  14. Have not seen that problem yet. However I can tell you it will take a turn faster than my cobra. And is not prone to swing the backside out when I accelerate.
  15. :bs: please dont even try to compare the Z06 to the GT500!!! Z06 well beat the GT500 in first gear, that so called supercharger is so watered down. The new challenger srt8 well be able to keep up with the gt500 with ease. the gt500 was not made to compete with the srt8 charger it was made to keep with the vette and imports get it right!!! but I most say its a nice car but ford could do much better, and it is way over priced. so save your money for the vette which is money well spent:bs:
  16. Ok first off what are u doing here if u obviously dislike mustangs and about it being overpriced that is a fact but it is also a fact of the ZO6, $86,000 for a vette after dealer markups, thats not cheap and it does make it lose a little of its bang for the buck. I think the gt500 will also offer amusing bang for the buck just like the 03 04 cobras did. And i'm positive its 475 hp rating is underrated just like the 03 cobras 390hp is more like 420hp. Hell even the Ford GT was underrated at 550hp, it dynoes around 530+ rearwheel hp, so thats close to 600+engine hp!!!! how do u like them apples hemi boy:p

    ZO6 will smoke the GT500 stock vs stock but the GT500 will be easier to mod. Swapping a pulley and getting a tune is alot easier then putting on headers and a cam, we all know this! Both awsome cars by the way and i'm just glad theyre building em:nice:
  17. Honestly I think it really all depends on how heavy they build the challenger. If it weighs as much as the other cars. Then it won't even be able to keep up with a sloth in the arctic.
  18. My dad should receive his GT500 this summer at which time I'll visit him in my '02 Z06 and race. It's not a 2006 Z06 as this thread postulated, but it should still be fun. I suspect that the weight difference will give me a small win. However, it all comes down to how underrated the GT500 is. If it's significant he may be the victor. Either way it'll be a fun race. I'll post the results and I promise to be unbiased.