2007 Gt, Can't Fill With Gas. Acts Like Its Full.

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by Craig Brooks, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Under a 1/4 tank and stop to put gas in it. After about 4 gallons it starts acting full and burping fuel like its full but it's not. Just under 3/4 showing on the gauge. Tonight is the second time in a row. Thoughts???
  2. Try holding the fuel pump handle upside-down until you fix it.
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  3. Try a different gas station. I have the same problem at some gas stations but not others and it can be annoying. I've also tried turning the nozzle upside down but that doesn't work for me. Blame it on the double-hump shape of the fuel tank.
  4. Mustang never really did it but I had the same problem on my Ranger when I first got it, replaced the charcoal canister and it's been good since then. Apparently if you "top off" the tank after it's full, you pretty often end up forcing gas into the charcoal canister and eventually it plugs.
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  5. Its a design flaw in the fuel tank, it will not fill if there is any fuel above 1/4 tank, it will keep cutting off. Bad venting between the two sumps
  6. Known issue tsb
  7. Yes to the above...Hold the pump handle upside down, and try less than full-blast when you're filling the tank. Some gas pumps are worse than others. Good luck.
  8. Holding the nozzle upside down doesn't help in my case. I just use gas stations where I know I have no problem.