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Oct 27, 2020
Lafayette, Louisiana
Recently bought a jlt cold air intake and a bama performance rev ex tuner. First week with the 93 race tune was great. And i dint step on it until i was past 100 miles of regualr driving. Randomly after a week im leaving work one day and i get a wrench light and engine light at 70 mph and cant accelerate anymore. Had to wait hours for someone to bring me my tuner. For the past two month i’ve been going back and forth with bama and sct. After replacing several parts im low on funds and im nervous to bring it to a mechanic cause im broke‍♂️ But the part i replaced so far have been the tps sensor, then the whole throttle body (oem replacement), maf sensor, and accelerator pedal. I checked wires multiple times and cant seem to find damaged ones. Im stuck scratching my head. Can anyone help please. *And it only goes into limp mode after a good while of driving. And usually at stops.
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Aug 9, 2021
Denver, Colorado

hello everyone. i am new to the group. i just purchased a 2007 mustang GT with upgrade edelbrok supercharger. i getting a code P2104.Throttle actuator

i looked it up and it say to look a wiring issues. i didn't find any issues with wiring to actuator. i believe the throttle body stays open every time i rev up the engine.
it causes the car to not go anywhere when i hit the gas pedal. the car does not stall. gas pedal does not work. so i have to restart and it works.
what other things can i look for when i take the throttle body off.
i know i have to check the voltage on the actuator. is there a certain number that it has to be at in order to work properly?
if anyone has had this type of issue, let me know what i could look for.
thank you