2007 Instrument Panel problem - Cold Related

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  1. I'm experiencing what seems to be a cold weather related problem with my '07 V6 Stang. When I turn the ignition switch to "start" the dash panel lights up like normal, then there is a whirring sound and it takes two to three seconds after the engine starts for the instruments to begin functioning. When this happens the trip odometer always reverts to the total mileage odometer.

    This happened a couple of times right at the end of last winter but operation has been normal since up until the recent cold snap. Any ideas what could be causing this?

  2. I'm having the same problem. It's not consistent and I'm not sure it's due to the cold because when it started happening it wasn't very cold where I'm at (50-60°). Besides my ride sleeps in my garage and the garage never gets below 62°.

    It's very disturbing. I tried turning on my parking lights to see just how long it would take the gauges (the tach is most noticeable) to come to life... the parking lights wouldn't come on either. I tried to turn them on right after I started the car. The lights and the gauges came on together. So I don't think our problem is just gauges.

    How many miles do you have? I'm at 29K.
  3. GoneFord - Thanks for the reply and for the link. My car had about 50K (>60K now) when the problem started. It has only acted up in cold weather so I suppose the battery could be the culprit even though it cranks pretty strong. I have not experienced a clock reset although I noticed that the radio station changed the last time this happened & I also get the "whirring" noise described in the other thread. I don't keep CD's in my changer though. As an additional note, the car doesn't get driven every day now since I got laid off. I'm interested in hearing the results of your meter testing.
  4. I'm truly sorry to hear you were laid off. There are simply too many folks without work lately. I hope you find employment soon.

    I too have the "whirring" sound - seems to come from the kick panel on the driver's side. It also trips my information display to constant on odometer - which I don't like and promptly cycle through the other six settings to turn it off. Then the next time I start it it comes right back (but not every time; only after the gauges are delayed).

    My wife's Infiniti recently refused to start. No warning... everything seemed fine and the car turned over promptly every time but suddenly one day it just flat refused to power up much of anything (and her car is [over]loaded with power accessories). Installed a new battery and it turns over much faster than it did but it never seemed to slow down to me. I guess it was too gradual.

    My battery is just as old as hers and I suspect my ride's probably in the same situation as hers was. Hopefully tomorrow I can check it out. Snow kept the Steed in the garage the past few days. Driving a Honda Civic is a real letdown.
  5. Had the same thing happen to the GT. It's a real garage queen & I keep a Battery Tender on it but one day I went out to go for a drive and...NOTHING. Had to use the key to unlock the door! Funny thing is it was just fine about a month previous.

    I think I'm going to take advantage of some 60 degree weather tomorrow and get a new battery. It's probably due anyway and since the wife drives it 300 miles round trip to VA twice a month, I'll have one less worry.

    I'll check in tomorrow with the results.
  6. Okay, I replaced the battery today (man, Ford sure is proud of these ;)). Everything working fine but I think I'll have to wait until it gets cold again later this week to be able to tell anything for sure. Will update again in a couple of days.
  7. Well you were quicker than me. I spent my free time this afternoon "crawling" around under my car trying to find a coolant leak. For now, the battery still works... for a little while.
  8. It seems that the battery was indeed the culprit of the instrument panel woes. Ran several errands yesterday morning (high 30 degrees) and went out and started the car this morning (low 30 degrees) before my wife took it to work. Everything working normally and no whirring sound!

    Keeping in mind that the engine was still cranking/starting fine when I experienced the dash problem, I'm thinking the battery was to the point where there just weren't enough amps to supply both the starting system and the instruments.

    GoneFord, thanks again for providing the link that gave me the clues to this mystery. Hope you found your coolant leak.
  9. Thanks. I think I found it. I have to remove the SC and intake manifold to get to it - the coolant hardline that follows the intake valley - I hope anyway.

    I guess I'll need that battery soon too...