2007 Mustang GT TCS light problems and Brake Light, comes on at the same time

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  1. To whom this may concern:
    I bought a 2007 Ford Mustang GT 4.6 litre automatic back in October 2007. Since then the vehicle has been at the dealer for the seventh time, to fix the same problem.
    The problem: the brake warning lamp will illuminate on the console,
    the Traction control active light will illuminate on the console (squiggly light),
    the Traction control switch located above the radio illuminates with the "OFF" light on. All this happens at the same time. We've noticed especially when the ambient temperature is hot outside and the vehicle runs in stop/go traffic for a minimum of 10-15 miles, all the lights illuminate at the same time. After a period of 4-5 hours when the car is parked in the garage all three lights go out. The dealer has already replaced the following: the master cylinder, the ABS Module unit, the Brake Switch/Sensor, the Juncture Box. Everytime the dealer hooks up the diagnostic machine they get different codes that come up. So far they have had four different codes, the first one was 1446. I am really frustrated. The dealer has called the Ford Tech Hotline, but the dealer doesn't give me any confidence that they know what is going on. All they say is bring the car by and leave it with them to diagnose. I am very concerned and completely frustrated. Can you provide any help PLEASE! What should I do?
    Thank you, Melissa
  2. You might have a better chance to get your questioned answered and your problem fixed if you post this on the 2005+ mustang forum. This is the 5.0 tech forum, generally 1979 to 1993 5.0 mustangs technical questions.

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  4. I would begin looking into your local lemon laws. In Virginia, the vehicle is considered a lemon if there is a failed attempt to correct the problem 3 times. It is similar in many states, and many also throw in a caveat for if it is out of service for 30 calendar days or more. Many states also have time restrictions - first occurance may have occured before 12000 miles or 18 months after delivery.
  5. i just had the same problem come up today. it's hot here in ny,could that cause a sensor to go bad? has anyone had this problem succesfully resolved?
  6. Melissa,

    I had this same problem and did some research on Ford Mustang TSB's (technical service bulletins). I found the following information on www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/tsbs/results.cfm

    Ford Mustang
    Year: 2005 - 2007
    Service Bulletin Number: 19296
    NHTSA Item Number: 10021059
    Component: Service Brakes, Antilock:ABS Warning Light

    I made an appointment and took my 2006 GT Convertible to the dealer (Griffen Ford in Waukesha, Wisconsin). I dropped my car off on a Saturday morning. The dealer could not check it out until Monday. They called me late Monday afternoon and said they could not find anything wrong. All the lights were off when they checked the car and no codes came up when they did a diagnostics on it. I told them about the TSB I found on the Internet and asked them to keep the car another day. I dropped off a copy of the TSB on my way home. They called me the next day and they said that the problem was what the TSB stated and they made the necessary repairs. I have not had the problem since. The problem is with a loose ground wire. The ground wire probably loosens up periodically from where it is suppose to be connected to and this set off the warning lights (Service Brakes message and ABS light, brake lights and traction control light).

    My repair invoice (covered under warranty) from Griffen Ford states the following.
    2219D Anti-Lock Brake System - Diagnosis - L
    2219D13 Pin Point Test - Diagnosis - L
    MT14200 Check Ground 101 and Repair Ground and Retest OK
    FC: H19 42
    Part # 14200

    Hope this helps and the dealer you take your car to advises you this was the problem.

  7. Does anybody know where the ground mentioned above, is physically located?

    I just picked up a 2006 GT convertible and had the same issue pop up...

    I randomly get a low break fluid warning and brake warning light comes on, along with my traction control off warning light.