2007 Mustang Shelby GT price

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by j_j, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. I stand corrected. But it was and is a genuine Shelby and a heck of a price.
  2. JJ - NADA lists the '07 SGT. With 18k miles, Atlanta market, $31075 clean retail (dealer), about $26000 clean wholesale. I would split the difference, offer about $28500 for a nice sale by owner. Good luck!
  3. Hey Many thanks for the price info.
    Got the Shelby GT for $27,300 after some back and forth. plus had remainer of the warranty and all maintenance for 3 years.
    So way cool, the owner is going to buy a 2010 mustang.
    Thanks for the help, now need to get the car washed and detailed for the weekend
    Many thanks Stangnet forum!
  4. He gave up his SGT for a 2010 Mustang (blah)? Sounds like the guy should be a "leaser". I HAVE TO HAVE WHATS NEW! :D
  5. Agreed. He may regret that one...
  6. i was confused when i saw i shelby gt the other day, thought someone just bought a gt and made it look like a shelby, this clears alot up lol.
  7. Odd that I stumbled upon this thread. I actually am on the fence of what mustang to buy next. I was very intrigued by these Shelby GTs that I really never heard much about before.

    There is one at a local dealer for $26,999 with 6,400 miles on it. I may go check it out.....

    J.J, post some pics of your new ride, congrats man