2007 Sema Mustangs

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  1. Some news from the show. Shelby is introducing a line of Terlingua cars.

    67 Coupe 500 hp starting at 99k, a AC cobra version and an additional late model (basically a CS6) version. I friggin accidentally deleted the pics from the unvailing :bang:

    More pics here...
  2. Dude, your wife is such a hottie, she should be a SEMA girl.!!!!!!!:drool:

    i really like the 2 blue CDC fastbacks but i'm not too sure i'm crazy about that black 65 or 66 fastback parked next to them
  3. almost missed the pic of Kat, she's a hottie too, even with all the tattoos.

    the new Red Rocker is a pretty cool car too, but what really got me was the Targa top Cuda, that was cool, didn't really dig the green engine bay but the rest of the car was sweet. i don't think i'd have the balls to cut up a cuda like that though. at least now, back in the 80's i wanted to do the same thing to my 69, glad i didn't, i also almost put a sunroof in it too, even had it from another car i had but i never got around to putting it in, again glad i didn't.

    one thing i have always wanted to do and will if i ever get the chance is build an early 70's firebird formula with the t-top roof from a 78-81 'bird, i'd build a nice 400 for it with some E'brock heads and mass flo injection or with a 2004r overdrive trans or maybe a lte model goat LS motor and factory disc brake rearend. that would be my wifes dream car, at least the affordable one, the other would be a 67 big block vette vert, not in our lifetime.
  4. Thanks for the complement. I generally have to remain somewhat coherant when we go out or I'll get my butt wooped lol:)

    The CDC fastbacks were cool. My ideas are a little different.

    The little black fastback again not my flavor but had some interesting things done to it.

    I dug both the Cuda's I shot side by side. That's my second fav car:)

    Still really pissed about deleting the pics of the Terlingua cars they are releasing...
  5. More big news from SEMA was the new JME suspension designed by Terry the old owner of TCP.

    Won best engineered new product for the entire show. It was displayed on the 0770 concept racer but I didn't get a good shot of the suspension system. Their display didn't come back to the booth until late in the show. It's similar to the lay down shock rear he designed for the TCP rear but on the front. It's a super sweet design and they even machined out billet spindles for the task. Gonna be super pricey I'm guessing but impressive. You can kinda see the shock pointed toward the front of the car.
  6. i know what you mean about the looky looky thing, luckily my wife doesn't mid much until i start drooling..

    i'd like to see more pics of that, i'll have to hunt some down somewhere. when i find some i'll be sure to post them. one thing i don't understand is Terry's fascination with lay down shocks, it just seems to create more packaging problems to me. i know they work ok but i don't think they work that much better than a regular coilover.
  7. That's the street version. (ie reg coilover) but they have a pro/race version with the rocker set-up on the car.

    The supension is great but those spindles are amazing... 2" drop as well...
  8. That red in person was a little too much for my blood. I think it had too much of a poppy red look. I like more of the Ferrari red.
  9. There are tools to recover lost pics. I have no experience with them but here's one example; http://www.diskinternals.com/flash-recovery/
  10. Some good pics here http://corner-carvers.com/forums/showpost.php?p=617649&postcount=6
  11. the first two tone looks butt ugly, especially with the new styl mirror on that car!? the last 67-68 looks damn nice though. props to everything else

    i gues beauty is in the eye of the beholder..