2007 Shaker 500 Door Speakers

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by James Byam, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. What size are the speakers in the bottom part of the door?
  2. 8" mid bass
  3. Can anyone recommend 2 that I can get for around $100 total?
  4. Out of those, the RE is the only one even worth considering. I run Rockford P1s in my doors and they have held up nicely. JL and Kicker make some nice stuff as well that I know will fit. And you should be able to find them for 100 or less for the pair. The real question is: how much power are you going to put to each one and how are you setting the pass band on them? Unless you glass the door, they will essentially be free-air, so those become key pieces of info to recommend you a driver.
  5. To answer the power question, I wasn't going to do anything other than have the speaker replaced. I was told that there was a factory amp, and that the reason that the driver side speaker is blown in the first place is because someone changed a setting (possibly the pass band? I have no idea) and those speakers were playing vocals when they shouldn't be. I have almost no idea what will and won't fit, or what is better than something else. I currently have 2 12" Rockford (I think) P1 in my trunk. Should I be looking for 8" subwoofers for the doors? I've been searching with the word "mid bass" like you provided in your first reply. Thank you for all your help so far.
  6. If you're using the factory amp, you won't really notice a difference between the replacement and the stock mid bass. The aftermarket may even be quieter, due to efficiency. I'd just get the RE model you found, if you're just looking for a cheap reliable replacement. It should hold up without any issues.