2007 Shelby GT Axle-back in stock at Ninosport

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    2007 Shelby GT Axle-back in stock at Ninosport. $279.95 w/ Free Shipping!

    We have in stock the OE axle-back installed on the 2007 Shelby GT (not the GT500). This kit features all stainless steel construction and gorgeous 4" double-wall tips that are polished to a mirror finish.

    This is the exact same kit as Ford Racing M-5230-GTA, but since we are buying it directly from the manufacturer we can pass on some savings to you. Our quantity is limited so place your order soon and don't forget to use your Stangnet.com member discount code for an additional 5% off! Code: stangnet

    The Ninosport Team

    If you are interested in another kit, check out our huge list of axle-backs. We carry all the major brands like Bassani, Borla, Corsa, JBA, MAC, Magnaflow, Flowmaster, IMCO, Roush, SLP, Saleen, and Hooker. See all 2005-07 Mustang GT Axle-backs.
  2. Still have a few left.
  3. Killer deal and sound killer also!!
  4. Wow, that really is a nice price on those. :nice:
  5. SOunds good to me.. My question is how is the installation process on these. I have never installed axel backs before, but I hear they are faily easy to do on the new mustangs... Is this a snap on part, or does it need to welded and fit
  6. axle-backs are completely bolt-on with S197s
  7. Installation is VERY easy. You only need a socket set and open end wrenches. You can jack up the rear of the car and have plenty of room to do the install. Basically you loosen the clamp holding the stock muffler to the exhaust pipe, undo the hanger brackets, and remove the muffler. Reverse the process with the new muffler and tighten everything down. Easy 1 hour job.

  8. What would be the hp gain on a o/r x with those on there?
  9. The stock mufflers already flow fairly well so most axle-backs are not going to net very high gains. Typically, you see about 5 rwhp gains from an axle-back. An o/r x will probably get you another 7-10 rwhp. You have to remember that stock exhaust on the 2005+ GTs is pretty good from the factory, unlike the pre-2005 Mustangs, so gains from exhaust are not very dramatic.
  10. hi ninosport! happy new year.

    is this ford axle back system still for sale?

    is it really NO droning? i want a deeper rumble but nothing too much louder than stock so that long distance drives wont be annoying.