2007 Shelby GT500 Pics and Specs

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  1. Dang. 475hp (likely underrated again) from just 8.5 psi!!!

    I heart 5.4's

    :hail2: GT500:hail2:
  2. Interesting.
  3. good, so this does mean it'll be terrible on the street with a live axle... :rolleyes:
  4. Well woop-de-doo.
    The big release has happened and we still DON'T know:

    What it's sticker price is.

    How much HP it has

    How much TQ it has.

    When anyone can order one (for real, not just a dealer waiting list).

    When they will roll off the assembly line.

    :bang: :bang: :bang:

    In all the hype in the press releases, Ford forgot to brag about the GT-500 being the heaviest Mustang ever. :nonono:
  5. Colors, colors, colors....still the toughest decision! I am very much leaning toward the white with blue stripes, unless I get the convert...then I think it would be Torch red. I am very pleased that they have kept very much to the concept car. I especially love the new hood, the heat diffusers look agressive from the only overhead view that they show.

    I can't wait to park it in the garage beside the 68 GT500KR convert which is due back from a freshening at Legendary Motorcars this month.

    As far as pricing goes, Ford has told us all along what pricing is going to be. The question is not so much list, as market pricing. There is going to be a HUGE initial demand for these cars. If you dont already have a dealer comitment, it will be tough to get one in this calendar year.

    Summer can't come soon enough for me!:nice: :nice: :nice:
  6. In another link from the talk forum said it would start at just under 40k.
  7. We've know for months that the GT-500 coupe was supposed to cost around $40K MSRP and the Vert ~$45K. We also have known for months that it would have at least 475 HP. We have also known for a long time that it is supposed to go into production around June 06.

    My point is that although today was the big GT-500 intro, we're still missing a lot of key information, including performance #s.

    The most significant things I learned in the press releases and photos are:

    T-6060 trannie with a lower 1st gear than the old T56
    3920 lb. for the couple
    Seats look like the same thing as a regular Mustang (other than the leather pattern)
    Black face gages insteat of silver or white
    Has an X pipe exhaust
    5w50 full synthetic oil from the factory
    3:31 rear axle
    Dual 60mm throttle body borrowed from the V10 truck engine
    6250 RPM redline ( that super long stroke limits the revs )
    14" dual piston front brakes
    57/43 F/R weight distribution (although anyone could have figured this out)
    Has child proof rear door locks :rlaugh: (doesn't anyone at Ford proof read the crap they put out?)
    8.4:1 CR
    Sirius Radio optional
    Comes with a can of Fix-A-Flat in the trunk instead of a spare tire

    So I guess we learned a lot of stuff in the release, just not the 5 most important things to us Mustang fans.
  8. Lol @ 3920 lbs! Wow, what a relief this car is - I thought I would regret buying my '06 GT last year when this thing came out. I do like the powertrain, but would have prefered an aluminum block.
  9. I heard the base model coupe should be aboue $38,000, and $40,000 for all the options. If that's true, then, well...it would seem the Corvette has a lot to fear. Z06 @ 500hp is what, $70,000?
  10. I do not think this compares to the Z-06 in any way, but the regular C6 goes for at least 5K more and might be in trouble just like the rest of GM. I will be in the market for a Toy next year and might wait until the initial demand goes away and try to pick one up for MSRP. This is one hell of a car, nicer then the SRT cars in my opinion.
  11. I don't think the new C6 Z06 has anything to fear unless the GT500 is modded. Just a guess though since the car is not out yet. I think the GT500 will outperform the regular C6 like the 03/04 Cobra outperformed the regular C5 Vette (in a straight line of course). In addition, I don't think anyone who can afford the $70K car is going to worry about a $40K car. A 74 Pinto, like the one I see at the track all the time, is going to smoke either car (in a drag race) for a lot less money. I think I saw the Pinto run [email protected]+ in the 1/8th. Meaning the money arguement is lame and usually used by those who can't afford the more expensive car anyway.

    I for one think the new GT500 looks awesome. I would love to have a white one with blue stripes in the garage next to my C6. I'm trying to convince the wife as of know. Let's see, pulley swap, cat-back, intake, tune. Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself but if it's as easy to make power as it was for my 03 Cobra, look out. These cars are going to be monsters.
  12. variable valve timing

    does the GT500 have variable valve timing?
  13. No.
  14. In a straight line, indeed. No one I know is interested in just straight line speeds.

    C6 Z06 = 3120 lbs. and 500hp; aluminum block located behind the front spindles. Has won LeMans and ALMS championships.
    S197 Shelby = 3900lbs. and 475hp.; iron block on top of front spindles. The S197 cars are current GAC champions.

    Regardless, they are two different types of cars; I plan to have both cars in my garage. Neither will be straight line cars.
  15. I think people are losing sight of this car's weight. It is wholely possible that this car could be modified to produce some large numbers, but regardless, it is carrying an additional 800lbs. It takes a lot of engine power to compensate for this.
  16. I agree.......and I like the cars in your in sig. I've been drag racing my C6 but need to do what it was meant for.
  17. Wow. I hadn't noticed that before. That ought to be a nice pain in the ass for anyone that gets a blowout... I suppose it reduces a little wait, but damn, you'd think they could keep it available for the more "normal drivers"
  18. It would have to be a special 18" spare to fit over those huge ass brakes. That's why a spare wasn't included.
  19. lol they knew if they put a spare in itd be over 4,000 pounds...wow this thing is a pig, i cant wait to see what the weight reduvtion nuts are able to pull off lol