2007 Shelby GT500 Pics and Specs

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  1. no one he knows is interested in just straight line speed ??:bs:

    this is a mustang site :SNSign: not focus rally car web site :nono:

    PS this car has 475hp and u people are not happy :bang: if this does not make u happy as a stang fan nothing will sale all Ur mustangs and get a Camry its cheaper to **** about

    i remember when the 93 cobra was a great car at 245hp 475hp is amazing i did not think ford had it in them and it may be under 50kmsrp thats even more amazing the new stang is great from 4.0 210hp to the gt300hp

    i can remember making wish lists of parts and things i wanted to do to my car
    60mm throttle body
    70mm maf
    aluminum heads
    higher compression
    after market headers
    24lb injectors
    gt40 intake
    tremec trans
    3.55 rear gears
    31 spline axles (if i wanted to try slicks)
    and stiffing the frame

    all of this would with the low end parts get u to about 300hp and make Ur car ready to go to the track (1/4 or 1/8)

    o wait thats the factory gt now cool
    so now people want to **** that a 475hp supercharged factory motor in a car that functions great and looks amazing doing is not good enough well Ur Camry is waiting for u please go pick it up its a cheaper way to be unhappy
    have a nice day:nonono:

    pss ****ing because theres now spare wtf? 475hp factory but all u can say
    theres no spare :bang: there is no pleasing some people
  2. Who said anything about rally racing? Many Mustang owners like to road race their cars. You may have heard of NASA, AV8SS, and SCCA?

    I've been to the drag strip. It was fun. I got to shift three times and 11 seconds later I was in the pits waiting for an hour to go back out. I just find it more fun to do a four wheel drift through turn-1 at Road Atlanta at 110mph. You stay on the track for at least 20-30 minutes in a dash race. You'll shift hundreds of times. You can draft, late brake, go three-wide through a turn, and wear yourself out. Just don't hit the wall.
  3. A 74 Pinto is not a "new car" by any stretch of the means.
    People compare new cars all the time for a reason.. New cars offfer reliability, refinement, and whole slew of other advantages over a 74 Pinto.

    And dont assume that 74 Pinto you see at the Drags is cheaper to run than it costs to buy a New Cobra new..

    Try driving the Pinto everyday, and seeing which one is cheapr to own/race. Especially, if you pay to have the work done on it buy a mechanic, you will be looking at some magor $$$$ to have a 130mph Pinto. INfact, I would bet the Pinto would be MUCH more expensive than the Cobra.
    There is alot more to a race car, than the initial investment.. Usually thats only a very small piece.
  4. That particular Pinto isn't exactly in pristine condition. It's an example of what it takes to run fast. A pro dragster might very well have $100k in it but we were talking about going fast for cheaper, not about luxury. So I used the Pinto as an example. There used to be a pea green Pinto that ran at Carlsbad. It looked put together, had a junk yard turbo 4 in it and it ran high 12'[email protected] for very little money. That might be a better example. Then I could say by saving all that money by not buying a new car, he could put the money into the pinto, paint job, modern engine, underpinnings, etc and have the faster car. Kind of a stupid arguement. Same goes for a new 07 Cobra. Look at all the money I save by buying that over the new C6 Z06. I can now put that money into the 07. Well that might work if I had enough to afford the new Z06 to begin with. If I don't have the money anyway, what am I really saving? Money I never had? If I had $30K extra, I certainly wouldn't put all that into mods. It's a lame arguement.
  5. Honestly, the only thing that would prevent me from buying this car is its weight. I could understand a little more weight than the mustang GT, but its a 500lbs difference, which is roughly equivalent to a 425hp GT.

    Things are going to get interesting soon. The new camaro and challenger concepts look nice to me. Lower prices along with less weight are appealing.

    Of course, the other factor is the sc, but then again a nice cammed NA LS2 is a sweet thing.
  6. Agreed, this summer, a nice heads/cam package will find their way into my C6 Vette.
  7. What a dissapointment. Have you read about the new 2007 Lexus LS460? It's got a N/A 4.6-liter V8 that will produce approximately 380hp and 370 pound-feet of torque. Wow. The 4.6-liter GT gets, what, 300hp? Sure, 475ish horsepower sounds like a lot, but it takes Ford a 5.4-liter V8 and a supercharger to achieve this. Can you imagine how much power the Japanese automakers can get out of a supercharged 5.4-liter V8? Now you know why I'm dissapointed. Every year it gets harder and harder for me to take side with domestics. Ford needs to wake up and get on the ball.
  8. Squeezing all of that power isn't cheap. If you notice the manufacturers that do squeeze more power out of similar displacement to the Mustang are luxury (expensive) cars like Lexus and BMW.
  9. ive heard the whole god imagine if lexus made a 5.4 liter supercharged v8 it would be amazing. yeah it would save for the fact it would prolly cost a ****load more. i would like to see lexus build and mass produce and engine that puts out the same power for the same price. for under 40 g's 475 horsepower in a clean package allthough heavy as hell is very very nice. so stop comparing those high revving japanese motors and their higher pricetag to what ford is trying to make. an affordable 475 horsepower car.
  10. Japan has not yet produced a reliable, high horse, AFFORDABLE V8. (Don't kid yourself, Lexis isn't affordable). Japanese automakers have gotten good at putting a hairdryer on a small engine, I'll give them that... so, America is good with a supercharger. You can't knock the supercharged 5.4 putting out 450 hp.
    Lets compare some of the under 40K V8 Japanese options... (are there any affordable Japanese sports cars with a V8?)
    Nissan Titan or Armada: 5.6 V8 = 305 hp
    Toyota Tundra: 4.7 V8 = 271 hp
    Toyota Land Cruiser: 4.7 V8 = 275 hp
    Toyota Sequoia: 4.7 V8 = 273 hp.
    2006 MUSTANG: 4.6 v8 = 300 HP!

    Ford and GM have gotten very good numbers out of the current V8's and there is plenty of room for aftermarket performance. Sure, Ford could get more out of the 4.6, but I don't want to pay $40K for a Mustang GT.
  11. Yep. And don't forget the Stang makes a little over 300 HP on 87. I'm pretty certain those fancy schmancy 4 valve motors need premium? Anyone have more info?
  12. They wouldnt get much more. That engine isnt built for a blower. Its high compression. Probably 11:1 or 11:5:1.
    The cobra engine is low compression with internals to withstand a nuclear bomb.
    Toyota also has allot more money than ford. They can put allot more time into R&D and thus build better engines.
    Not that its better anyways---Probably will be more fuel efficient-Last longer-more reliable-but we know....Thats not better.......
    Remember, Japan is such a small island. There isn't that much extra space.
    If a tech or engineer screws up when he is building an engine, they throw him overboard for all the giant squid to feast. Basically, it's build a good engine or my life depends on it. Here in America, if an engine builder screws up, he gets a big fat welfare check from the government and a link card.
    Thats why they make better engines than us.
    We've got the technology. Why we HAVE been so behind the last decade, I dont know. Hopefully things will change soon. They have too, right? Detroit, especially Ford, is ailing.
    I want to be proud? How about you?
  13. What a bunch of utter mindless CRAP.:bang:
    Nice First post..

    Why dont you haul your American hating but over to Japan and live there where they make better engines?:flag:
  14. i dont know what magazine it was in... but the new Cobra ran a 12.9.... will someone PLEASE GET A GOOD DRIVER IN THAT CAR:nonono:
  15. The 12.9 ET was from Road and Track Jan '06. The article is on the website too. I agree that we should see something better than a 12.9. If it is any consolation they were testing the convertible not the coupe.

    Also I've noticed Road and Track has pretty conservative 1/4 mile times. They rated the 2004 Cobra with a 13.4 1/4 mile ET.
  16. I also agree but would like to add that the weight of the car isn't helping.
  17. even the VERT should be pulling mid 12's... consistently... regardless of that extra weight... if someone cant get the COUPE into the 11's with 475hp + live axle im going to be very upset

    after all... the 03-04 Cobra managed 12.4's with 390hp + IRS