Expired 2007 Supercharged Gt, Daily Driver, 130k Miles, Chicago

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  1. Maybe you are lusting after a late model GT500, or a Roush Stage 3, but the $30K+ that the used ones are going for just aren't within your reach.

    I understand that passion. I'm a car guy, too. Here's a pretty unique chance to get similar performance for much, much less... Keep reading for a little more insight into how unusual this car is in the current marketplace.

    I'm helping my dad sell his custom ~550hp 2007 Mustang GT. I'm 35 years old, he is even older, with gray hair. He's a salesman and it's been his daily driver since he bought it new in 2009, already modified, off a dealer's floor. This car was the showpiece for a local dealer, to draw folks into the showroom. Eventually, they offered the car up for sale and it was purchased. So note: while this is an '07, it's actually only been on the road for about 4 years. What that means is the body has had 2 fewer midwest winters than the model year suggests, and as a bona fide daily driver the little quirks you face with a modified car were sorted out long ago. This car has been running completely reliably for daily business transportation. Synthetic oil since new. The engine has never had an issue. The car continues to average over 20+mpg in actual use. Most receipts are available.

    This car has a Supercharger, CAI, side pipes, custom body work, Brembo brakes in the front, and gull wing doors. Manual Transmission. The antenna was removed for the custom body. Two sets of wheels and tires are included - Summer performance tires are about 50% worn, the Blizzaks are about 90% worn. The side pipes sound fantastic, but are quiet enough for daily use.

    About the appearance... Very good to excellent interior with matching orange leather seat inserts. No dents, no dings, some scratches, very minor fiberglass crazing, a few chips. This car was garage kept, but driven daily.

    The reason for selling is simply that Dad relies on his car as a daily driver and since it's a work car, time is money. So at some point, you need to replace it. So he usually starts shopping for something new when his car turns over 100K. But he's kept this one quite a bit longer because it has been running well. It is STILL a daily driver. It still runs great. It's just time to get a horse with fresher legs for the long distance traveling he does.

    Now for the bad... This car was involved in three incidents. Hit a deer, lost a wheel when the repair shop forgot to tighten the lugs, and ice broke a rocker cover. All were professionally repaired to better-than-new. This vehicle has 130K miles, but looks much better than you would expect since it's still fairly new and is washed weekly, either by hand, or as a last resort, through a no-touch car wash.

    Asking $15,990, negotiable

    This is a clean title, one owner vehicle. We would be willing to ship with cash in hand, if need be. Will deliver within reason. Located in Chicago, IL.

    Any questions? Ask away! This is a business car, and selling it is a business transaction. Nothing to hide. Nobody in the family has had a disappointed buyer yet! The car is high mileage, but well cared-for.

    This is probably the fourth or fifth car I've helped my dad sell, since he gets a new car every 3-4 years. The typical buyer has been an enthusiast who really wants the latest-model high-performance vehicle, but can't personally justify the cost of such a car with lower miles and has to carefully justify the expenditure in light of the vehicle's overall condition. The fact that these cars haven't been raced or abused (It's used to make sales calls throughout the Midwest), are fairly new and late model, and have a ton of highway miles, means that the buyer is getting a more solid and dependable vehicle than the typical 100K+ mile vehicles that will flood the market a few years from now, showing more age, more wear and tear, and more possible abuse. Of course, this one's a bit different since it's been supercharged and has the custom work done. But 550hp on this engine when it's done right isn't all that extreme. And when you factor in the fact that it was professionally built, adult highway driven, and maintained on a strict schedule as a work vehicle, it's something a quite unique for the person looking for something special and modern, but not wanting to stretch their budget too far...




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  2. Price is negotiable and has been lowered...
  3. I previously mentioned that the CD player wasn't working. It was removed by the dealership, repaired, and is being reinstalled. It will now be functioning. I updated the posting above since this little gripe is no longer an issue. Yes, this car is still being properly maintained and cared for.

    Price is still negotiable and has been lowered again... $15,990.
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  4. interested in trading
  5. Honestly, it's not particularly likely, but you never know. What do you have?
  6. This is my daily driver it gets 17mpg it has 351w balanced built in Ga. hotrod shop. eldebrock heads 2.02 1.90 valves,comp cam cuts up pretty good.770 street avenger carb,elec fan malory 6a box and distributor 9mm wires,brand new holly blue fuel pump.new bf tires. Trans is a built t5 centerforce clutch, mustang steve roller bearing clutch pedal nice and smooth. 4 row radiator polished alum. lots of chrome No panels have been replaced. very solid car.also 3 1/2 cowl hood. shelby web rearend 3.55 with aurburn locker.I love the car its just time to change up some. i am wanting to trade for a 05 and up mustang gt 5spd. also has disc brakes up front.even the the heat works
    256 328 1783
  7. download.jpg will not let me up
  8. Wow! She's a beauty! I kept checking back before but the picture was never showing up for me. I had the description, but no idea what year it was, until just now.

    Dad is kind of leaning towards going a very different direction for his next vehicle, something that kind of goes along better with his long distance driving for work.

    Sorry for the delayed response. Went through a few mini family crises recently. I got in touch with him regarding your offer. It's definitely worth talking to him about.

    We're lowering the asking price down to $14,750.

    Still negotiable.
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  9. yea ask him i drove mine 45miles one way to work for about 2 yrs the only thing i would have to check is the bottom of yours due to all the salt and snow you get if hes interested tell him to give me a call iam 33 with 3 kids i drive the car daily let me know thanks
  10. also i have 28k in mine and no panels have been changed it was a 66 289 4spd car
  11. nice ride at a great price! GLWS
  12. I hope we could work something out my son has been bugging me to get a car with doors like that i couldn't do do it to the 66 lol
  13. Thanks, Sbibby.

    My Dad is intrigued. Which is kind of a surprise to me. I mean, I know he likes old Mustangs, but it's not really what he needs for his daily ride. Still it seems his ears perked up a bit when I mentioned what you had. I passed along your number to him and all the details you've provided. We'll see what he thinks.

    I love seeing cars like these (yours and his) getting into good hands.
  14. very cool iam sure we can work something out. no one around here has one like mine. its been a great car and it is what i would drive to meet i don't believe in trailer queens.lol i will be waiting on call thanks for your help
  15. Hey, Sbibby... to be perfectly on the level with you, your proposal presents certain challenges. Living in the city of Chicago, dad has no space for a spare car, nor will a '66 be a proper all-weather, year round daily driver in these parts. But we are looking into possibilities.. renting garages, buying space, the whole gamut. Mom once owned a lime gold '67 convertible. There are some hurdles on our end, but dad does like the car and we are considering it seriously. Can you send more pics?

    And he and I both agree, if we met in the middle, the cars would be driven there and driven home. Definitely no trailer queens here on either side. Dad even mentioned something about Knoxville, TN seeming like a reasonable middle ground to him. But like I said, we have to see what we could do about accommodating a car like that.

    My email is streetexperience at gmail. Thanks.
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  16. i took a video iam trying to get it on computer
  17. hope you guys are able to work smething out. Both are beauties
  18. i sent you a email it was a pain lol dum computer. Its between you and a 06 thats my color and 80k just let me know you can text to make it easier
  19. i cant get it to email i can get a friend to text them to you sorry
  20. i sent those emails i havent heard anything from you so i was wondering if you had change of mind
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