2007 Suzuki GSXR 600 Super Low Miles!!!!

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  1. SOLD!!!!
    I'm throwing out to see what i get for interest. I have a 2007 Suzuki GSX-R 600 street bike thats red, white and black. 07 was the last year they made this combination. The bike has under 1000 miles on it seeing that after i brought it I ran into a little trouble with being laid off for a couple of moths and bills just kept pushing the bike further into the garage. This is a fun bike for a beginner or a regular rider looking for something to take on the back roads during the summer. The bike has an optional second seat with a red real cowl that can go on for when you are riding solo. Everything on the bike is stock, except i took of the rear fender that holds the license plate because it looked awful. Bike is currently being stored inside and i am going to get it tuned for the riding season. I'm asking 7,500 for the bike to cover whats left on the loan.. I will consider offers so shoot me an email [email protected]
  2. i would also like to add that I am throwing in 2 helmets (his and hers) together over $500 new, 2 textile joe rocket jackets (his and hers) over $500 new and a pair of joe rocket rider gloves (his) $30 new.. everything matches with the color scheme of the bike
  3. no one is interested in a bike that is practically brand new?!?!?!?!? make me offers Price neg.... just looking to free up the finances.. paying off my fiances engagement ring and wedding band plus trying to save for a house..help me out and you won't be disappointed
  4. NEW PRICE!!!!

  5. NEW PRICE!!!!

    $6,500!!!! I will send pictures on request
  6. 6,250???? I mean i owe 7,200 + on it still and i'm giving away a $1000 in equipment!!!!
  7. St. Patty's Day BUMP!!!!!
  8. I don't mean to be harsh, but owing $7,200 and adding $1,000 in accessories doesn't make the bike worth more, regardless of mileage. I didn't know your location off hand, so I used my own zip code for the NADA value, and it's worth $5,843, with $4,437 being the low retail. Most likely, you're looking at somewhere around $5,000 before you even get a second look. That's being generous though. It's a 5 model year old bike that the MSRP was $8,900 5 years ago, and even then you could find dealers going OTD for $7,900 TTL included. Look for yourself on Cycle Trader for values, if you don't believe me. I searched a 100 mile radius from here and the lowest priced 07 was $4,399. That would now be my starting point for any other bike in that year, if I were to make an offer. I hate being "that guy" even though I know I am right now, but you're going to be sitting on it for a long time if the price stays put.
  9. i'll send you the sales receipt thats 10,000 out the door brand new from the dealership if you want
  10. oh and by the way trying to say that adding the extras doesn't raise the value of the asking price is like telling someone that has mods or interior or exterior work done to their car that they don't have the right to ask for more money
  11. Price drop!!! The price on the house I was looking at got reduced and the sellers want to close sooner than original and the bike needs to go to get the mortgage loan approved..$5500
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