2007, the Mustang will have Competition, Camaro is Alive AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Pulled from another board, but she looks good, Firebird is gonna stay as a dead bird, but with Camaro, it'll be awesome. :banana:
  2. mustang will just put them out of bussiness again :D
  3. Competition is good. Let's get all we can from the current horsepower wars before the government steps in and kills it.
  4. Ah finally, some real competition :)
  5. When will they learn??? :nonono:
  6. ::yawn:: Who cares? It will be ugly, out of date before it ever makes show rooms, and GM quality.
  7. If the new camara looks anything like the drawings that have been produced. The camaro will be a awsome car.don't forget. The new mustang will have 2 years maturityand WHAT ??? The 07 cobra!! Yeah the camaro will have its day. mustang freaks out number the camaro fans by far so The success of the camaro is not a guarantee.70 % of camaro fans , Oh I won't say it . Well ya know..
    The 68 camaro was great and the 68 retro look on the 07 will be great but mustangs have that nitch!!!!
  8. When the people I know that own camaros ask me why I'm a mustang girl and not a camaro girl, the simplest answer I give is that "a mustang never dies, and most likely never will, it's become a legend and it's earned respect that transcends generations, but yes your shiny camaro looks pretty in its own little way" lol guys that are trying to be manly really hate it when I say their cars are 'pretty', and that's exactly why I keep saying it.

    I just hope that there isn't a huge hype cloud surrounding the camaro so that everyone goes out and gets one just because they can
  9. I get the sudden urge to jump in my car. Driver through town yelling. "The mullets are coming". The mullets are coming." :D :D
  10. LMAO :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    I'm really happy for this...I also heard rumors of the Dodge Charger coming back. And 2007 is supposed to be when they make the GTO nicer isn't it?

    Muscle car wars are coming again.
  11. They can't even sell the current GTO. Another loser from the General I say.
  12. i agree that it will be a flop.....by 2007 the new cobra will be out and unless they put out a sc 350 then they haven't a chance.
  13. Awsome! The ricers will breathe a sigh of relief...they won't be picked on as much anymore. :D
  14. One good thing about the 5th gen Camaro will be that it isn't the only car (there should be a few) being produced at that plant (wherever it may be)...so GM doesn't have to sell 80-100k units a year for it to be "successful." **GM still made money from the F-bodies even when the Ste. Therese plant was running at about half it's capacity**

    I, for one, think that the drawing that Chris P. did (and Kris H. "polished up"), for what the 5th gen. should look like, looks completely bada**. It's in the Sept. PHR for anyone that cares. I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

    GM will not be making a 5th gen. that's going to compete with the Cobra. From what I understand, Ford is targeting the C6 as it's "competition," at least from a performance standpoint. As everyone knows...GM will never make a Camaro that outperforms a Corvette. I have no doubt that the SS and Z28 will easily top the 2005 Mustang GT's 300hp though (we'll have to see if the '06-'08 Mustang GT gets an increase though or if Ford makes any "special editions").

    :nice: if you ask me...even for Mustang guys (as said, a little competition is a good thing).
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    That thing looks sick :nice:
  16. its horsepower wars once again! :flag:
  17. Heck; by the time I can afford the GT; the Camero will almost be out....... maybe ill swing..... :)
  18. It's a new war and I can't wait to join. Competition makes everyone better. Hopefully the keep the LS2 far away from this one though, or forced induction is the only way the stang will keep up. Oh and the Camaro Z28 and Vette are very close in power and straight line performance. Both had LS1's. In fact with power adders the tall gearing of the vette usually made it a little worse in drag racing. I wouldn't be surprised if they stuck the current 350hp LS-1 in it, or a detuned LS-2(400hp). Hopefully for our sake they go the cheaper route and try to keep the power close the current GT or lower. I'd hate to need FI to keep up with them. I doubt we'll have a S/C kit for the new motor for another year.
  19. Nice to see where getting some new Competition. I mean im personally sick of racing ricers. Its a waste of gas at $2.30 a gallon. And you cant really gloat about beating a 4 cylinder.