2007, the Mustang will have Competition, Camaro is Alive AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Why would you compare a FWD SRT-4 to a Stang?

    Fastest Neon vs. Fastest Focus = Dodge wins
    05 Mustang GT vs. 05 Charger R/T = Dodge wins*

    *Don't flame, I know both aren't out yet but it is probably a safe bet that the 5.7L or 6.1L Hemi powered car will be faster that a 4.6L N/A Mustang.
  2. Here's a quote from Autoweek.com in regards to the SRT-4:

    Yeah, it's fast but that's about the extent of its desirable features.

    As for the Mustang/Charger comparo, why are you comparing the as yet mythical Charger to the very real Mustang GT? Since we're talking future cars, why not compare the '07 Cobra to the Charger? I'd bet the outcome would be different than you predicted above.
  3. The charger is not mythical, and the SRT-8 one will have 425 horesepower. The information that is known so far about the Cobra is 400 right? (the 425 number is using the 6.1 litre V8 Chrysler has..it does make 425 horses. It is of course not quite as real as the 05 GT, but don't expect to it to disapear. The Charger in its 35,000 dollar form is aiming at the future Cobra, not below it.

    The SRT-4 :owned: by autoweek LOL.
  4. Perhaps the term "mythical" was incorrect. I was trying to make the point it doesn't exist as of now.
  5. Oh ok, sorry for the flames then :)

  6. The information weve been hearing about the cobra is well above 400 coming from a ford engineer search the post for it(also considering the one right now is 390 the new one will be alot more potent whether it be a 5liter or a 5.4 im sure it will destroy the current cobras numbers) ,and with ford's new lightning coming out in fall 2005 "rumored" to have 500 plus hrsp "550 with cold air shot" which is also speculation to take on dodges srt truck which coleti head of svt team said they were gonna meet the competition head on with the new lightning and ford has always been a competitor with the lightning thats why i expect them to come back with a winner and they are coming out with one because of the powerlease for the new lightning/cobra, imo dodge/chrysler has always been ****tier quality than ford.
  7. I have also heard those rumors, but the reason I don't think the new Cobra will have more than 400 is because of the GT40. As a Camaro owner, the Corvette rule always means that the Camaro will always have less horsepower than the Vette because Horsepower is what sells to middle-aged men having midlife crisis. GT40 owners simply have more money :D We can debate all day about the reasons why the GT40 is still a better car than any Cobra ever could be, but don't expect the numbers to be the same as the GT40, let alone above it (if it is still around).

    Oh course I could be wrong, as I hope I am, since I plan on buying a Cobra as my next car instead of the Chevelle (since my loyalty is to Camaro, not chevy..and with the Camaro aspect gone, I simply buy the best car..and GM will NEVER make a 500 horsepower car that is cheaper than the C6).

  8. Well, the GT(40) is "officially" rated at 550HP. There's plenty of room between 400 and 550 for the Cobra to slot in. This past Sunday on Horsepower TV, they dynoed a stock '03 Cobra and got 365RWHP. Accounting for drivetrain loss, that puts the stock HP well above the official rating of 390. IMO, the '07 Cobra will be rated somewhere around 400-405 but will be actually putting out more like 420-440.

  9. Yea, you're wrong alright, the 07 Cobra will have right around 500 horsepower, you can take that to the bank, probably underrated like the current car. The GT has put down 565 to the wheels, a 500 horse Cobra will not step on the GT's toes..

    And I really don't give a **** if a pos Neon can beat a current Mustang in a straight line, it's still a pos Neon, I'd rather have a Mustang, something that has far more room for improvement than a strung out 4 pot Neon.
  10. couldentve said it better myself stangbang :nice:

    the current mach one is as fast or faster than the 2001 cobra it doesnt matter about horsepower touching the next base up i mean look at the new c6 its got as much hrsp as the old z06 the new z06 is suppose to be rated at 500 horses but then again its in a different ballpark than a vette,the vette a 2 seater vrs hauling 4 (cobra) with close to 500 horses haha, and more people in the car the more witnesses you have and the more fun raping the car next too you is :D
  11. I love it, we're definitly in a Muscle Car era renaissance right now and at least another couple of years from all the new models that are rumored or already on the way. With all this talk about big horsepower though, I remember reading a little blurb from Coletti saying that the Factory will only realistically be able to go so far. Like they have 400 in current Cobra, then predicted 500 in next, people will **** and moan it should have 550 and so on but it'll begin to be too much before the big brother (Gov't) steps in so I believe he mentioned SVT will start to concentrate more on areas like weight reduction, handling and other trick racing stuff.
  12. So since the Charger comes out 6 months after the mustang that makes it mythical? I don't know if you know this, but the very real 2005 Mustang GT isn't out yet either. The engine line up is already known for the Charger because it will be the same as its platform mate the 300C. By the April 2005 issue of MotorTrend you will see a Charger R/T, LS2 GTO, Mustang GT shootout.

    The Camaro will be back in 2007 and have a 400HP LS2. Notice the $33K '05 GTO has the same 400HP engine as the $45K C6. You probably won't see a 500HP Camaro unless it is some limited production car (think Cobra R).

    As far as the next Cobra goes, the engine could be anything from a 400HP+ 5.0L to a 500HP S/C 5.4L or twin screw S/C 3v 4.6L. I have heard the rumors of all 3, I don't think SVT has decided on an engine yet. It will be interesting to see what engine the SVT Lightning gets because that my give us some clues as to the engine of the next Cobra.
  13. I've already stated that "mythical" was the wrong word, so what exactly is your point? As for the Mustang, the definition of "real" according to Websters is "Existing objectively in the world regardless of subjectivity or conventions of thought or language". Seeing that there are plenty of people who post on Brad's site that have actually spent time behind the wheel of Mustangs not to mention the numerous pics of the '05 out on the web, I'd say the '05 Mustang is very real. If you can conjure up some folks who've driven the Charger or perhaps some pics or video, I'd be happy to take a look.
  14. Z28x i thought that canada had the right to it till 2017 because of the debt that chevy owed to them due to poor sales of camaro/firebird and other models ,and that that article was just some dude sayin it was coming out but not official thats what was talked about earlier on this forum

    and also on the ford's svt page the new lightning had a twin screw 5.4 liter DOHC intercooled and all almuminum engine conservately rated at 500 hrps and 500 foot pounds of torq this could very well be the next cobra engine aslo seems only so because of what chevy does with all their bigger engines stuff em in smaller cars slap a cheaper sticker makes sense because its cheaper so ford might do that also with the new lightning engine maybe just a tuned down version or something
  15. The CAW had/has the exclusive rights to build the Camaro/Firebird thru 2005...at least that's what I've been reading for the past 2 or so years.

    The debt was a government loan and it has nothing to do with when/where the Camaro will return.
  16. you see what i started, i give this forum stufff to talk about it!! srt-4 rules!!!!!!
  17. no.
  18. Im gonna get bloodied here but I've always loved the 1st and 2nd generation camaro and firbird. IMHO the sweep of the rear and front fenders have always been some of the most beautiful automotive body elements ever created. I know it's a bold statement but that's just how I feel. Personally, the rendering while being the best looking camaro in about 25 years doesn't totally do it for me. The roof lines and front end seem too disjointed to me. I do like the sweeping lines of the aformentioned fenders and the 69 " metal stripes" on the side of the body. If they made a new retro camaro I would have a heart attack, lol.
  19. You won't get bloodied from me. I love the first gen Firebirds (but not quite as much as I love the early Mustangs :D ). A friends brother had a beautiful blue '69 'bird that I lusted after for years.
  20. I like about the first 3 years of the camaro. Then I grow not so fond of it.