2007, the Mustang will have Competition, Camaro is Alive AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. If they are using the same platform for the GTO and a Chevy version, shouldn't the Chevrolet car be a Chevelle instead of a Camaro?

    Why not resurrect a car as respectable as the Chevelle, instead of resurrecting the K-mart knock-off of the pony car kingdom?

    *sigh* I can hear the boozed-up cheers of wife-beater-and-mullet-wearing trailer trash already... :mad:
  2. Let's be honest though. Do you really want to see a chevelle as boring as the GTO?
  3. It doesn't have to look like the GTO... They can do virtually anything they want with the sheetmetal. I'd like to see a butch, 2+2 headlamp front end, long hood, a bit bigger than a 'stang... all the noticeable attributes of the classic Chevelles. Chevrolet should do something different. Something that can appeal to both the NASCAR crowd, and everyone... something the Mustang already does...
  4. How about they just bring back both the Chevelle and the Camaro???? Might be an idea, probably won't happen, but who knows.

    On another note, I'm almost 18, do I have a chance at all of getting a $20,000 loan from my bank for a Stang? I won't have a co-signer. I can however afford the payments if its a 72 month loan.
  5. If it requires a 72 month loan, you cannot afford it.
    Save up and wait awhile so the prices will go down.
  6. Junior high just started so he might not be in here for a while. And he will just say that is a neon. And the srt-4 isn't a neon. :rolleyes: :nonono:
  7. Actually you got it all wrong, that is a SRT-4, its just in disguise as a neon.
  8. Okay...

    ...I make a motion to let this thread die...

    If I hear one more thing about the Neon and all subsequent variants thereof...

    I'll be forced to hop into a BOSS 429 and smoke ALL YALL!! :D
  9. Autotrader use to list the srt4 under neons when you did a search now they have a seperate name SRT4 :rolleyes:
  10. Only because they are humoring them.
  11. Svt driver its not a neon its an SRT-4. Get it right buddy. For everyones info. those numbers you guys are looking at are for the 03 not the 04 which is faster :banana: why dont one of you guys meet me at the track and will race our cars (for fun) Ill bring a video camera and then we can post them on your forum. Cars have to have just about same mods. So here i am calling out you ford boys, anyone exept the challenge? :lol:
  12. 1997 Saleen S351 Speedster, factory supercharged, 100% bone-stock, no mods, fully EPA certified from the factory. You better plan on making a trip to see me, as I'm not going any further than Gainesville Raceway to waste my time and my gas swatting your little mosquito.
    Denial isn't a river in Africa... Your point is just about as idiotic as if we were to say "it's not a Mustang, it's an SVT Cobra".. duhhhhh :rolleyes: You can dress your dumpy homely girlfriend in a miniskirt and pumps and call her a "hottie" if you want, but all we still see is your dumpy homely girlfriend in a skirt and pumps....
  13. SRT4life... Don't challenge those guy's man! They gone a flush you out of here(Stangnet.com) really fast and no matter who you are? They flush the Quebec Mustang Club president, nickname CarrollShelby like a garbage bag! They don't accept any critics here? So watch your back... You're the next!
  14. How are you planning on racing with your mom sittin in the passenger seat?
  15. Ummm, I could ACCEPT the challenge, or...I could take EXCEPTION to the challenge, but what the hell is "exept"???
  16. This is cool and the pic of the Camero concept is nice, but GM will probably do like they did with the SSR - price it beyond the average person's reach so only the elderly retired folks with money (nothing against the aging boomers with the bucks) can afford it.

    At least Ford is keeping things real. The rice is bland; needs something to spice it up a bit, or an entirely new dish :nice:

    I can't wait until I can buy my '05 and let the engine do my talking... :D