2007, the Mustang will have Competition, Camaro is Alive AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. OK...I just read the article...it doesn't seem like a 'sure thing' that the new GM 'pony-ish' is is coming or that it will be called the Camaro...everything is based on rumor and supposition...even the picture is just a computer rendering based on a sketch from a guy on a message board...:(
  2. I have never been a fan of Camaros, no matter from what gerneration it came from. I just never liked the looks of them. However, that rendering is sweet!


  3. I still think 2nd gen Camaros are some of the nicest cars I've laid eyes on.
  4. That pic and rendering is awesome. The GTO is a flop because of it's looks and it's perceived value. If the new Camaro looks like that has an LS2 and is at or a little higher than Mustang GT pricing they will sell a ton as long as it's more liveable than the 4th Gen was. I love Ford and the only thing that would keep me from buying a Stang would be something from Mopar but that Camaro most definately would NOT be a flop. Too bad no Firebird as I like them in general more than their Chevy brothers. Funny thing is though if they do make the new Camaro looking like that render...how many F-body lovers will have to retract their statements about retro styling being a "dead end or pointless" if the only way they can get their beloved Camaro back is in retro skin. :)
  5. what the hell? why are they leaving the firebird dead? thats bull... yea, i like the firebird better than camaro, but the T/A and Z28 are like brothers... why ressurect one but not the other?
  6. yeah, as in :puke:
  7. Has it been stated officially anywhere that the Camaro is coming back?
  8. Not that I've read. It's all been second hand information. Nothing official has come out of GM yet.
  9. Oh hell yeah!! I'm hoping for a muscle car revolution baby!!! KILL THE RICE!!!
  10. is it me, or does the front end kinda look like a 05 cavalier just streched out? :shrug:
  11. Pontiac has the GTO now.

    I'm 99.9% sure that GM cannot officially talk about the Camaro name yet (when or where a 5th gen. will be built). CAW had the rights to produce the F-bodies thru 2005 I believe. IOW, neither could be built anywhere else (except Canada) until after 2005. I positive that GM is just playing it safe by not officially saying they have plans to bring the Camaro back until after that contract/agreement is over.

    A Cavalier? You're kidding right?

    It's a retro 1st gen...that rendering leaves no doubt about that.
  12. 02LS1 is right, there was some form of contract that expires in 2005 but I'm not sure exactly what it was for. I

    find it kind of funny that both GM and Ford used that same basic chassis for their pony cars for so long, yet the 4th gen f-body was considered old fashioned and uncomfortable compared to the SN95, I guess Ford made do with what they had better.
  13. Get it on!!! I'd love some new competition..... Death to all rice burners :flag:
  14. However hasn't it been reported in the news several times. That Bob Lutz is not a fan of the retro desdign. So the odds of the camaro looking like that would seem very slim.
  15. If they put that or a similar design into concept and show it to the public, the majority of the people will :drool: . If they get anywhere near the reaction from the public that the concept Mustang did, they won't have much of choice but to put it into production.


  16. I agree. I think Bob Lutz has to realize nobody gives a ***** what he thinks. He doesn't represent GM customers. Even if he fell in love with the GTO, nobody bought it. It's his job to judge customer response and follow through to make a profit.

    BUT, then again, I was looking at a Chevy forum while searching for more Camaro information, and it seemed that they thoought it was ugly and didn't want a retro design, and they were bashing Ford for the 2005 Mustang. They're just different I guess.

    All I know is that myself and the majority of people I know find the 4th gen Camaros ugly as hell.

    And am I the only one disturbed at the fact that the Camaros weren't even American? Made in Canada??? Quebec even!?! Come on GM..that's sick.
  17. that car is NOT the new camaro. it was jsut a render from some kid that was based off a FERRARI body. thats why it looks so good.

  18. It would be nice if they made it look like that but knowing GM they will "F" that all up. I read that article in the popular hot rodding mag and its doubtful that it will even be called a camaro again.
  19. Looks to me like it is a slightly reskinned version of the one the art student did a little while back. I seem to remember that GM had denied the design because they do not use outside works. It might be a little sad to think that a lot of talented kids with mullets are burning up their weekends designing what the Camaro "might" look like, just to find out out that GM won't use the idea for fear of a law suit.
  20. The Dodge Charger is more than just a rumor. From Ward's:

    It looks like I'm going to have to go for a few test drives before I buy my next car. :nice: