2007, the Mustang will have Competition, Camaro is Alive AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. If GM does go with the retro look on the camaro, I hope they dont screw it up like they did with the SSR.
  2. You are correct, Lutz is not a retro guy. I dunno about the odds...all I can say is there are a few people over on cz28.com that are definitely "in-the-know" with GM and these recent concept pics/images are what they are saying the 5th gen should look like. Maybe not exact but close.

    These are NOT the same images. I know the ones you are referring to but trust me, it ain't these. **Those 360 Modena-ish images are very old (over a year I believe) and IIRC they were "taken down" (off the web) for some reason.

  3. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
  4. If GM brings back the Camaro in 07' with 375-400 hp, it looks like the n/a mustangs will be playing catch up again.
  5. Should or will look like? I agree it should look like the renderings that were posted. But eill it look like those. Is a whole other matter.
  6. Ya i have to say as a die hard Mustang guy i like the new Camaro if thats what it would look like !
  7. From the info. they've gathered...those pics are very close to what it should look like (meaning retro 1st gen, very similar to the PHR images).

    Nobody is going to say, "it will look exactly like this " because nobody from GM will talk (publicly) about the Camaro name right now...and it's still a few years off.
  8. I thought I heard it was supposed to look more like the concept ss they had out about a year maybe 2 ago.
  10. I don't see why anyone is hate'n on the camaro the LS1's made mustangs look like they are driving backwards. They are nice looking cars and they haul ass. Judging by the fact that the LS2 is even more powerful, i bet once again mustangs will have to trun to the aftermarket just to keep up. Just because sales are not as good as mustangs does not mean that the f-bodies were inferior cars, look how many albums Britney Spears sells, it doeans't make her good.
  11. you're right. Hasn't anyone learned yet that GM doesn't do "new" if anything the new camaro will be a pontiace GTO with a bowtie in the grill to differentiate it from a pontiac.
  12. I actually think the SSR looks nice. One of GMs better efforts, however, the price tag is typical GM gayness.
  13. what does 375hp equate in MPG? 12-15? Mustang will have nothing to fear and the Camaro will once again DIE. There is such a thing as too much HP. :rolleyes:
  14. The "Chevrolet SS" is a fairly new concept car...I haven't heard about the Camaro and SS concept being tied together except when it first came out. That was talk from a bunch of Camaro owners too...we kinda automatically assume SS = Camaro SS. The SS is a decent looking car and the concept was supposed to have around 425ish HP (can't argue with that) but I don't think it looks anywhere near as good as these retro 1st gen pics...so I hope the "SS" isn't the next Camaro.

    The LS1 F-bodies came with around 330-350hp and had no trouble getting around 18mpg city and 25+ highway. Not too bad if you ask me.

    Such a thing as too much HP? Maybe...but 375hp ain't even close to it.
  15. To add to that the 405 hp ZO6 got about that same MPG, got to love technology and the double OD
  16. Just my personal opinion. But the last camaro wasn't nearly as good looking as it should have been. I personally think the best looking camaro were about the first 3 years. I even liked the 72 body style for while. I liked the 83 (Can't remember exact production years) body style for a while. But the last one never really appealled to me. Of course it didn't help that chevy would let the body style drag on for ten years at a time. But if it did look like the retro pic. I would probably want one (I'm kind of a sucker for some of the retro designs. If they would have built the concept gto from 1999 I'd be on a pontiac forum right now).
  17. OMG! That Camaro looks 20x better than the 05 Mustang if you ask me, it's only one angle but it looks way more proportioned, even if you take away the rims and the drop, it has more curves way better lines and a nicer hood. It would be nice to see that on the road...
  18. I had a ls1 and it got upwards of 25 mpg in the city!.....and that was with an a4. Some people I know have gotten higher, especially with the m6. If the new Camaro looks as good as those pictures, and has 375-400 while handling better than the Mustang AND has a price within 2-3k...it would be crazy to buy the stang!( I may be biased due to thinking the 05' is ugly) A couple things I hope they "fix" compared to the old fbody would be, 1.make the car shorter from front to back 2. Make more m6's and don't charge extra for it! 3. Put a decent rear-end in the car(no 7.5 crap) :nice:
  19. I dont want to be on the defensive side but first off that isnt even the offical concept picture or anything and also remember even if it was thats all it is a concept. Remember what happend to the 05 mustang concept. Now dont get me wrong im a big mustang guy but ill tell you im drooling over that picture, also ive always liked the LS1/LS6 OHV powerplant alot more than the 4.6 stang powerplant. Ill leave it at this im going to have a hard time in 07 when the new cobra , camaro , charger , and redesigned GTO are all on the market. Horrrray for the Muscle Car Horse Power wars!!! P.S. I hope the manufactuers play their cards right so that the government doesnt get involved. Tisk Tisk and to think that these fu**ing rice burners were actually becoming appealing...
  20. It's cool...I personally did like the looks of the '93-'97 and '98-'02 Camaros (Firebirds and T/As too)...or else I wouldn't have bought two. I almost agree on the '67-'69s being the best looking...IMO, it's a tie between them and the 4th gens. I really never liked the 2nd or 3rd gens at all, I'd honestly rather have a fox body (Vibrant Red '93 Cobra please :hail2: ) than a 3rd gen F-body.

    If you really wanted an M6, you could've found one. I did have to order my '02 though because almost no dealerships around here ever ordered a hardtop Z28 or SS. The A4 was standard, the M6 was a no cost option so they didn't charge extra for it (at least not on the sticker/MSRP).

    And yes, the 7.5" 10-bolt has got to go.