2007, the Mustang will have Competition, Camaro is Alive AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I didn't buy mine new so I couldn't order it. Around where I am the a4 ls1's are everywhere and its rare to find a 6spd. especially at a car lot, when you can find one its about $2500-3000 more which put it out of my price range. I should have just waited till I found a good price on a m6 or the prices come down some...if I would I'd still be driving a f-body today.
  2. Personally, I think it doesnt flow at all, I think they could of done a WAY better job on it.
  3. Have you seen the HR (I think that is the name) concept. Looks like a retro version of the old suburban. Maybe Bob Lutz is having second thoughts on his stance against retro designs.
  4. I guess that this means that slp will stop making mustang parts in '07. LOL
  5. GM is still screwing it up. They put a supercharger in the V6 Monte Carlo SS instead of changing it to RWD and shoving the LS1 engine in it. The '07 Camaro is 100% fiction until a true driveable concept is produced like the Dodge Charger.
  6. Have to tell you guys, I like this version a whole lot better! :nice:

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  7. people never listen :bang:

  8. You mean the RS headlight covers. The Z/28 option did not have covered headlights in 67-69, you had to add the RS (Rally Sport) option for the covered headlamps. Know your enemy.....

    Boy, you need to get out a bit more....My stepdad's 2001 C5 M6 convertible makes 350 h.p., runs low 13's, and on the freeway with the A/C cranking the onboard computer reads a steady 31-32 mpg with the cruise set on 80 mph. Ford's performance engines have lagged WAY WAY behind GM's in the area of fuel efficiency vs. horsepower, especially since the introduction of the LT1 in 1993. The LT1, LS1 and LS4 were/are all extremely good on gas, especially when you factor the big horsepower they make. We all know from experience that the Ford modular V8 is a gas hog for the power it makes, especially the 4-valve Cobra mills, both n/a and s/c versions just gobble the gas. Here's a snippet from an article on the new C6:
    When you use technology to reduce friction, improve air flow, and improve fuel atomization, it all adds up to increased efficiency, allowing you to add horsepower without sacrificing mileage. I give alot of respect to GM's engineers for the work they've done with the OHV V-8, it's flat amazing what they can get out of them naturally aspirated, while retaining good mileage and clean EPA standards, despite the huge displacement and big torque.

    My favorite Camaro was the 70 1/2 Z/28 RS split-bumper. I'll take a silver one with black stripes, and an LT-1 4-speed please! :D 2nd generation f-bodies were incredible handling cars for their time, with great/precise steering. I like the 67-68's alot too. 3rd and 4th gen?? :notnice:

  9. Not silver but white. She was a brute, 383 LT-1 and a rock crusher with 4.10s. Gas milage was more like gallons per mile :D .

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  10. That's heeedious :nonono: :nonono:
  11. The 3700lbs. 350HP GTO gets 29mpg hwy.

    I'd expect a lighter 3400lbs. Camaro to get 28-29mpg hwy with a 400HP LS2 V8. Throw in DoD and VVT and you will have a 400HP Muscle car getting 32mpg hwy.

    If your rolling your eyes at "too much HP" than you belong in a Civic, not a Mustang. You better start writing SVT because the new Cobra comes out in 2007.

    Hmm... I never thought about that, did some one slip the HHR under the Lutz radar? I agree with Lutz on the non-retro, but what the next GTO and next Camaro need is a modern design with past styling ques. The best example of what I mean is the 1994 Mustang. It was a fresh design that didn't copy any other Stang, yet is had styling traits like tail lights and side scoops that let you know it was a Mustang. I think the C5 and C6 followed this formula well too.
  12. I don't know if they slipped it in under the radar or not. But personally, it and the SSR are vying for the ugliest car I've ever seen award. Currently held by the Aztec.
  13. I like the aztec :shrug: ...in certain colors at least.

    I definitely think there are vague similarities between the original mustangs and the SN95 mustangs. The fox bodies were just...strange. I love them when they're well taken care of (rare around here) but I find it very difficult to relate them to Mustangs. :(

    *puts on flame shield*
  14. Like the LS1 wasn't fast enough...
  15. I know that as always the acutual production line model will be such a milder version. I dont expect it to work out for GM. It is a sad attempt to resurrect a dead car. I love American Muscle but this is weird. If a LS2 enters the Engine Bay I may retract my statement but that will only happen if the beefed down version takes off. Its hard to tell but Mustang will own this market. I think the drawing is ugly, maby it will send GM down a notch and put ford on top(Owner of a lot of suffering Ford stock:sadly $14.)
  16. The sad thing is GM could stick the 10 yr. old Lt1 in the new f-body and still make about the same power as the new Mustang.
  17. And still sell 10% of what the mustang will. Just like old times.
  18. Lets be cautious of the Camaro, yes the Mustang sold more for two reasons - 1. It was first of its style.
    2. Ford did it well as a car of the people(options) and well designed/rounded.
    For anyone who has owned both Mustang or Camaro of the '60's era and has analyzed the 60's objectively the Camaro had the powerplant(350, 396, 427). Not that Ford didn't have good engines, but Chevy flooded the market with them. Big difference whether you can read about the power or feel it when you put the pedal down because you own one. Chevy did a good job of bringing the engines to the people. Yes, I still prefer Mustangs - just being a realist.
    The difference this time is Ford has a great suite of engines(5.0L 3v, 5.4L) that could be available to the masses, if they use them in the engine bay of the Mustang it could be difficult for the Camaro to top. Remember Chevy has laid low redesigning, played right in '07 by Chevy we could have something to contend with. Lets hope Ford does it right, not only well designed car but also the power to take it over the top. If they also do a throwback car or do something off the wall like offer AWD, watchout. Remember they are tight with Subaru too. You take Subaru AWD technology and Chevy Engine performance. Its a new ball game then! Ask yourself this, would you buy a 300HP AWD 6 speed 5.0L 3v Mustang. Interesting ehhh?
  19. AWD is cool but I think a Mustang definitely loses something if it drops the RWD platform :shrug: .
  20. a 281ci 300hp motor, probably putting 260-270 to the wheels.....for some reason the new GT does nothing to excite me compared to a 346ci ls1 or a 364ci ls2.