2007 V6 Battery Draw (ignition Fuse)

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  1. Hey guys,

    So I've had battery problems with my 2007 V6 Mustang for a long time now. For as long as I can remember now, I've been disconnecting the battery whenever I am planning on letting the car sit for more than a day. I've gone through at least 3 batteries now, and nothing is really changing.

    So I finally got around to getting a multimeter to try to see if I could identify a battery drain myself. Here's how I set it up on the battery, just to make sure I'm doing the testing in an appropriate manner:
    Connected black cable to multimeter COM port, red cable to 10A port.
    Set multimeter to 10A setting (highest amp reading setting)
    Disconnected negative battery cable from post
    Complete battery circuit by connecting red cable to battery cable and black cable to battery post
    (I'm pretty new to this, so just lemme know if I should be doing it in another way)

    So I let the car sit for a while and checked the multi meter reading. After everything went to sleep, it settled just around 0.15A, so just around 150mA going through the battery. Pretty sure that is too high to be normal drain on the battery.

    What I did was just check the fuse box and started yanking away until I could see a measurable drop. I removed each fuse/relay individually, but none seemed to drop the drain at all, except for one - fuse #68. If I'm correct, that's the fuse for the ignition, right? Removing that one gave me a stable drain of 20ish mA. None of the other connectors would give me any measurable drop at all.

    So fuse 68 is connected to the ignition switch. I went about changing my mustang's ignition switch, figuring that the problem was something there not shutting the car off correctly. Got a replacement ignition switch at autozone and put it in pretty easily and it worked fine. Car started normally and what not.

    Measuring the battery draw, however, I saw that there wasn't much of a change. I was still getting a consistent battery draw of 250mA which drops to 150mA after a while when the car goes to sleep. Still goes away when I pull fuse 68 for the ignition. So... ignition switch was not the problem.

    Now what I did was disconnect the switch altogether, so all there is now is a hanging 6-wire red/black connector that is supposed to connect to the ignition switch. Even with it disconnected like this, I'm still getting the same consistent drain.

    So now I'm stumped. I know there is a draw coming from fuse 68. Fuse 68 connects to the ignition switch (6 cables). Even when these cables are not connected to anything (the switch), there is a constant draw of 150+mA on the battery. What could this possibly mean? Where could the draw be coming from if nothing is connected to the ignition switch? What are my real options at this point?

    Thanks for any help you can offer!