Suspension 2007 V6 Convertible Sway Bar Bushing - Can't seem to find the correct size?


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May 15, 2018
Hey everyone. So I am in the midst of going through the front end on my 07 V6 Convertible. When I run the VIN (1ZVFT84N675303316 ) it says it has the premium trim package which seems right. I am doing the suspension work to try and get things tight, smooth, and QUIET. When I got the car the front end sounded like an old dump truck. Put in new control arms, sway bar end links, and struts and now it rides really nice and is much more quiet. Anyway, it is going really well except for a lingering very low speed clunk/thunk noise over pavement cracks and seams. I have not yet changed the sway bar bushings, and with 75K miles on the car I am sure they are pretty worn so I may as well change them even if they are not the source of the noise.

So, when I try to look up the correct size front sway bar bushing for this car I found nothing! No one seems to know what the sway bar diameter is on this car, no matter who I talk to about it. The choices on the websites do not match the actual sway bar size.

I jacked it up and put a caliper on the sway bar and it is just a hair over 31mm, or just about 1 1/4 inch diameter. When I try to order bushings that size for the car all the parts websites say that size won't fit the car. I am confused.

Does anyone know what the correct sway bar / bushing size should be for this vehicle?
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