2007 v6 - Convertible top goes down, won’t come back up


New Member
Feb 12, 2019
Hi I’ve owned a 2007 convertible for 3 years, and a couple months ago as the summer came to an end the convertible top started to have issues. It normally took around 12 seconds to drop it and maybe 15 to put it back up, and it would fully extend and retract. One time at random, the top was extremely slow, almost 45 seconds. The next time and every time after, the top would not fully retract, and it would sit a few feet out of the back slot. The only solution was to push it the rest of the way. In addition, the top refuses to go up at all. The motor runs, but simply nothing happens, and the only way to put it back up was to lift it by hand while pressing the button, one hell of an acrobatic feat when I’m doing it alone. This is a problem I couldn’t find anywhere, and I have no idea what could be causing this issue. Any help or speculation would be appreciated.
TL;DR Convertible top is really slow, goes down most of the way but won’t complete, and refuses to come back up at all. Help.
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