2008 Bullitt Ford Mustang

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  1. After showing you some photos (http://www.stangnet.com/Ford-Mustang-News/2008-Ford-Mustang-Bullitt-Spy-Shots-070918.html) of the potential 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt edition, we are back to add a little more spice to the story. Ford has released some official detail regarding what this S197 Ford Mustang will include in its latest order guide document. We've got a breakdown of the featured offerings inside, along with the complete guide. Looks like Ford will give the car the standard touch-and-go with a Power Pack and the expected decorative add-ons you naturally expect to see on a Bullitt. View attachment 356987 </img> View attachment 356989 </img> View attachment 356991 </img> View attachment 356993 </img> View attachment 356995 </img> View attachment 356997 </img>