2008 Ford Shelby GT Wins Ponycar War

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  1. Two of the most popular Ford Mustang team players are still at it, aiming to create a ponycar that keeps a leading stride, time after time. Ford and Shelby have again triumphed to produce a winner to capture the Motor Trend crown as a result of its ?Pony Expressed? rundown, set to hit stands in the April 2008 issue. On a performance/value basis, the 2008 Ford Shelby GT Mustang topped out over two other top hot competitors in the battle--Roush and Saleen, proving that this little S197 Ford Mustang gets the rider the most bang for the buck. Check out more in the official press release inside. View attachment 326775 </img> View attachment 326776 </img> View attachment 326777 </img> View attachment 326778 </img> View attachment 326779 </img> View attachment 326780 </img>