2008 Ford Taurus Limited

Ok, just picked this beast up and I have been working through some issues.

What I am experiencing now may be a simple MAF needing to be cleaned.

Symptom: (Yes I have googled this) I am driving and the engine will simply cut off. Still have power but no engine.

I have had it in a transmission shop for about a month now and just got it back today. The issue was there before the transmission work. I just replaced the battery today (because it needed a new battery) drove it for about 30 mins and its doing the same thing.

When does this happen?

When slowing down, coming to a stop, turning, merging, pretty much happens only when your not in the accelerator that is why I am leaning toward the MAF..

SOOOOOOOOOO, think I am on the right track?
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John Dirks Jr

5 Year Member
Jun 28, 2013
That’s an obd2 equipped car. Have you scanned it to see what codes are stored?. That’s what I recommend first. Scan it, write down codes then clear them. Drive some more and see if codes come back. Compare to what you wrote down previously and go from there
ACTUALLY.... Where is the Emoji for Egg on your face?????

I brought it to my shop to have the oil changed and to run a diagnostic. All checked out........................................... then I opened the air cleaner box.

I decided to go ahead and clean the MAF while I was here and low and behold it was not fully plugged in nor was their an air filter in the box. So I went ahead and cleaned it anyways, then put in an air filter in and it has been working fine ever since.