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  1. Hello , I am going to pick up a 2008 gt/cs this week. It has a little bit of corrosion on one of the rims around the valve.I looking to find out the best product to clean it as well as polish them up. Also the drivers seat leather has a some pretty good wrinkles on the edge were you enter looking for a good product to help it back. Thinking about Lexol Thanks for your help DANO51
  2. On the wheel, can you get a pic of the corrosion? The fix could be something as simple as a bottle of Meguiar's All Wheels cleaner and some scrubbing, or it could be bad enough that you may need to see a wheel repair specialist or powdercoater.

    As far as leather, I've had good luck with Lexol for normal cleaning, but for deep cleaning I like saddle soap and a soft-bristled boot brush. For the wrinkles, Lexol makes a cleaner with moisturizers in jt that can help some.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I am going to pick it up this wednesday hope. I will post pictures. Should I just post them on the sight or send them too you? I am new to the sight. Thanks again DANO51
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    Just post them to this thread. Either use the "Upload a File" button on the reply box to upload them to Stangnet and then click on the insert pictures button when done, or upload them to imgur, photobucket, or flickr, then link them using the image icon on the reply box to put them in your post. The end result is basically the same, but I find the Stangnet uploader to be more friendly, especially on my phone.
  5. here is the pictures of the corrosion on the rims of my 08 GT/CS.New to mustangs, Any help would be great. Thanks DANO51

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  6. It looks like either acid or chemical contamination led to that.

    First step is going to be using a wheel cleaner that's safe for all wheels with a nylon-bristled wheel brush. Meguiar's is your best bet on the cleaner, you can get the brush at any parts store (or a nylon dish brush from Dollar General if on a budget).

    Make sure the wheels are cool and follow the instructions on your cleaner to the letter.

    After you're done doing that, dry the wheels and evaevaluate. If the problem is gone, you're good. If it's not gone, but there's no pitting, and those areas still lack luster, you'll need a polishing compound and a buffer (there are videos on youtube on how to use one). If there is pitting, you'll need to get a professional involved either in the form of a powdercoater or a wheel repair specialist to get them perfect, but you may be able to get them to a presentable state by polishing.
  7. thanks I will give it a try
  8. I've seen that type of corrosion before, it's from road salt and or a brine solution that has gotten under the clearcoat and corroded the aluminum. The only fix is to have the wheel refinished. I live in the rustbelt so I see that all the time. Where did that car come from? Take a good look under the car, if the wheel looks like that, who knows what lies hidden underneath.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Underneath the car is excellent. It might be worth in time getting new wheels.To have them done over is more than new ones would cost. I can live with it for now. The car only has 35000 on it. Thanks again for the replies