2008 GT500 or 2011 Mustang GT?

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  1. Well I have been thinking about buying a mustang and I am torn between a 2008 GT500 or a 2011 Mustang GT. Right now I am really leaning towards a GT500 but I would like to hear everybody's input.
  2. I would def go for the GT 500!
  3. If you are looking at a manual in the GT, it does have a much easier clutch to work. That is the main reason we got the '11 GT/CS over the 09 GT500 we were looking at. Wife has bad knees and this car is a driver for us so it had to be one she could deal with. Power wise, yes the GT500 is sweet but the 412 hp in the GT is nothing to make fun off. What is the warranty on them both.....if you are modding, that will not be a big issue but if staying stock for some time, might be nice to have. Good chance the GT500 was beat on more than normal also.....just because it is a GT500.
  4. I faced that same problem before I bought my '11 CS. I was coming from an 08 CS though and couldn't justify spending $39K on a car with the same body style and interior as mine. I test drove the GT500 and gave it the beans getting on the highway, sure the supercharger whine was epic but it just didn't feel fast and as I watched the speedo climb I thought to myself "really that's it?". The '11 with its way better interior, updated body, 6 speed, and the oh so sweet 5.0 was a no brainer...for me anyway. Good luck on your choice!
  5. Well I am leaning towards the GT500 but with the 2013 GT500 just a few months away I don't know if I should wait save my money and buy one later or buy one now just to say I got it. I know the 2013 will be very expensive but possible buy one used in a year's time. But the 2013 5.8 liter is supposed to be a 5.4 liter based motor so it should be about the same as the current motor just 21 more cubic inches. I don't know what to do yet, still thinking about it.
  6. Unless you are planning on doing a lot of drag racing, I'd chose a 2011 GT over a 2008 GT500. You'll really want an '11 GT if it is going to be a daily driver. Everything about the '11 is so much more refined than the 05-09 Mustangs. The clutch/transmission are much lighter and smoother, the ride is better, the handling is better, and the chassis feels better balanced, the traction off the line is better, the interiors are nicer, have more features, and are quieter, and the fuel economy is better as well.

    The only thing the 2011 GT doesn't do better than a 2008 GT500 is straight line speed, and even there, the GT500 doesn't win by as much as you may think. It's only 88hp more, and the extra weight negates some of that.

    The 2013 GT500 is truely going to be a beast. Unfortunately, it is supposedly going to be MUCH more expensinve than the current GT500. I doubt you'll be able to get a used one for anywhere near a new GT, even 3 or 4 years out.
  7. I would go with the '11, unless the coolness of having the GT500 means a lot to you. That said, I would probably wait just a while longer and see what the next version brings if I didnt have to decide right now.

    In any regard, its a nice "problem" to have....LOL....good luck!