Expired 2008 Mustang Bullitt GT 12000 miles

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  1. 2008 Highland Green Bullitt: $23,400.00

    I am not driving my Bullitt much and it is a crime to not have someone enjoy this great car. I have had a 100% positive experience with it I like it, but just don't need it now. I have been busy with other hobbies so I am selling the car.

    Car is Highland Green clean a few dings on the wheels, not one stone chip on the hood I can find. It had a clean Car Fax when I bought it and I only put 900 or so miles on the car. There is actually two weeks of factory drive train warranty remaining. Car is number - 0242. This car is bone stock except for the new K&N air filter I installed.
    The car was owned by an older collector in NC where I got it. He and I both took great care of the car. I never drove it in rain, I don't believe he did either. Car was never smoked in or beat on.


    $23, 400.00
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