2008 Mustang GT versus 2008 Dodge Charger R/T with.........

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  1. CLS-500 is one of the most electronically plagued cars of this decade.
    And i lol'd at "Yea, I've driven my friends RT and it handles like a barn.":rlaugh:
  2. Pish posh - I think they fixed most of the initial problems, and Mercedes is pretty good about recalls. I would still rock the Audi over any of them though ~puts on audi hat~ YEAH! :D
  3. The MSN Carpoint web site lists an automatic Charger at 4100 lbs and an automatic Mustang GT at 3500 lbs, a 600 pound difference. Assuming the performance package on the Charger, power to weight ratios are almost identical at 11.7 pounds per horsepower.

    I would assume that performance of the Charger should be very close with an automatic GT.
  4. Mercedes has nothing to do with Dodge any more.
  5. No other performance orientated sedans? Dude, the Pontiac G8 GT destroys the Charger R/T and is on par with the SRT-8. And it can be had for a hair under 30 large.
  6. We were talking about the CLS-500 - reading is your friend :nice:
  7. That's not true. Mercedes still owns 25% of Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep while Ceribus owns the other 75%.
  8. The Pontiac G8 is too small for a family size sedan. Also, the Pontiac G8 doesn't appeal to me because I think that it is an ugly looking car. I like the size and the looks of the Dodge Charger much better.
  9. I think you're thinking of the G6... the G8 isn't out yet, it hits the streets this spring. It IS a full sized car, powered by either an LS2 or LS3 (at least last I heard).
  10. Well, I don't have the time to wait until summertime for a brand new car. I need something within the next 6 to 8 weeks and the Charger R/T is the best choice for me right now. I love the looks of the Charger R/T and I also love the way the interior looks. Plus this car has a lot of interior room inside it. It is just right for me and for my family.
    I saw some pictures of the G8 and I still don't like the way that it looks. I prefer the design of the Charger R/T than the G8 design.
    I already ordered my Dodge Charger and it will be the brand new 2008 Charger R/T with the R/T Performance Package in it.
  11. I disagree with you. What are you talking about? When I drove the Charger R/T the other day, it handled just like a muscle car and it has the comfort of a luxury car. It drives much smoother and much nicer than the Mustang GT. The Charger R/T also looks like a very well built car. I highly doubt that the Charger R/T is worse than a Ford Mustang. The R/T also has excellent reviews by consumers and by the staff at Edmunds.com.
  12. The RT does not handle as well as a new Mustang GT, is not as fast, and costs about $4000 more. The build quality is not any better....IT'S DODGE. It's made of the same kind of cheap materials that Ford uses. The only thing the RT does better than the GT is carry more people/groceries. The GT outshines the RT in pretty much every aspect of performance. Look it up anywhere. If you like the RT, that's fine. If you are looking for a more comfortable and practical car, then it's an ok choice. Just don't sit here and say it's better than the GT, because from a performance standpoint, it's not. It doesn't matter if it "feels" like it is :rolleyes:

    :shrug: So does the GT.
  13. Why are you comparing the charger RT to a mustang GT in performance? 350hp and 390tq are good numbers for a 4-door sedan but it weighs 4,000lbs to a mustang gt 2-door coupe that weighs 700lbs less. Sure the rt has the mustang gt beat in the number categories including the weight:lol: 350hp-390tq 4,000lbs to 300hp-320tq 3,300lbs but in the 1/4 mile the the mustang gt owns the charger rt. mid to low 13's to low 14's to high 13's. Road course, the mustang will run quicker lap times than the charger because of the weight factor. I feel you shouldn't have posted the title thread 2008 Mustang GT versus 2008 Dodge Charger R/T even with the rt performance package 10hp is not going to make much a difference with the given weight of the rt.
  14. 05 gt vs 07charger rt with r&t package

    I have an 05 gt stock manual shift that i purchased new, raced a friend tonight with an 07 rt r&t package with a diablo 93 tune and that is his only mod. raced from dig and he took me by a car at 75 or so and it wasnt getting any better.......
  15. WHAT! My friend has an R/T and i destroyed that pos. The srt-8 is the fast one.
  16. Agreed - a GT should have no problem with a R/T. There was an R/T and an STR-8 at the safety/driving school here. The SRT-8 was wheelspin city and even though it has a grossly awesome motor, the car is morbidly obese. R/T should be a clear win for a New Edge and an unqestionable victory for a S197.
  17. :rlaugh:

    I've seen soo many R/Ts at the track running mid 14s thats it! I'm going to the southern super heavyweight shootout in a few weeks I will post and let everyone know what they run modded and stock.OH heres the website www.sshs8.com:nice:
  18. New guy, no posts - makes me go hmmmm?:notnice:

    If you are legit, you need to learn how to drive your car.
  19. chargers are ugly and stupid looking. i hate the dumbass dodge grill they throw on all their cars.
  20. True muscle cars handle like crap. The ride quality of the new Charger is more comparable to a luxury car. Sweat car none-the-less:nice: