2008 Mustang GT versus 2008 Dodge Charger R/T with.........

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  1. I like the design of the car in R/T form - but still, even vs. a stock new edge with a decent driver there's no chance in a straight line.
  2. one plus for the charger/challenger is.... it ain't a chevy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I was in the Mach today running afew errands and I come up behind one of those Charger Super Bee/ Hornet/ Wasp/ whatever they are. He got in the left turn lane and I was in the next lane over going straight. His light turned green to turn left. When he pulled away to turn left that car sounded so weak and pathetic :nonono:. It reminded me of those crappy sounding V-8's from those mid 80's Camaro's.
  4. Amen to that.:rlaugh:

    Yea those things sounded like doodoo. As a matter of fact IMO all chevy 350's sound like trash. I can't stand the sound of them.
  5. Thats funny. I laugh at their ignorance
  6. well i rolled one a few days ago, and even though i run 8.5 he just barely fell back. he might have bolt-ons, but he was the quickest i have run into so far. earlier models were dogs.
  7. The R/T chargers suck, while at the bp academy they gave us those to drive around the course and ill admit at first I was excited to get behind the wheel of this 340hp beast and drive it as hard as I could on the course but I was left disappointed...it does not pick up very fast and the handling sucks. The crown vic was far more well balanced in the turns and just as fast in the straights because they are able to carry more speed in the bends. The SRT8 on the other hand is a different story..