2008 Mustang "Predator" What is it?

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  1. Hello,
    I have just purchased this beautiful mustang, that has a "predator" package, but can't find any info. Do you guys know anything about it? SAM_2423.JPG SAM_2424.JPG SAM_2418.JPG
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    First of all - that's a pretty sweet GT in it's own right - someone went to get lenghts to modify it - and it looks tastfully done - I've never heard of a Predator edition in 08- sometimes a local shop will offer a packaged set of modifcations - put a name it etc....there was a Predator Cobra produced in the early 80's 1983 through 1986 by Tom Soloman labeled "GT 302-H" with the same paint scheme - white w/a black strip - google it - I would post a pic of the engine compartment - and state what city or town you are located in- maybe someone knows who offered it - or who put this together - Soloman America maybe started again -
  3. SAM_2433.JPG
    It has BBK Performance stickers on the strut tower, and a K&N Cold Air Intake. SAM_2434.JPG SAM_2433.JPG
    Also, I got this in Muskegon, MI. I don't think it's local, the original ford dealer card in the manual is from Texas.
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  4. That car is very clean, and sharp!

    Maybe the previous owner installed a Diablo Predator tuner, and put "Predator" stickers on it:shrug:
  5. Sorry dude, but this looks like something that the previous owner did himself. And what's with the "Turbo"? :rlaugh:
  6. Not Sure, but there isn't a turbo for sure.
  7. Hey brother, I just wanted to say it is a beautiful Mustang. It has in it a 3 valve 5.4L that has a Comp Cams Thumpr camshaft in it. It has been tuned. I should know, I was a previous owner here in Dallas, Texas. I regret letting it go. It also has a muffler delete with silverline exhaust tips. All in all great car. I've been trying to find it for some time now, and to see it's been to Michigan, no wonder I can't find it here..haha. and those Zenetti Chrome Throwbacks compliment the bodykit. If ever you let go of it, please let me know. I'll travel however far to get that car again.
  8. It looks like a 4.6
  9. I agree with OsirisGT............definitely a 4.6