Engine 2008 Mustang V6 4.0L and 2008 Crown Vic V8 4.6L engine swap


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Mar 2, 2019
Hello, I am 17 years old an currently own a 2008 Ford Mustang V6. I can't afford the insurance on a GT :cry: so.. I have been pouring money into this V6 to make it look as good as possible. (Photo will be provided at the end.) Of all the mods I have done, I think it's time for a little more power (considering the V6 is only capable of 210hp stock) I have been researching cold air intakes and tuners, but have decided that I would rather swap the engine out for an actual V8.

Here's the question.

I have noticed that the 05-09 GT's have a 4.6L V8 which is capable of 300hp, but I have also realized the 2008 Crown Vics (police interceptor package) ALSO have the 4.6L V8.

Does anybody know exaclty what would need to be done to swap a 4.0L V6 and a Crown Vic 4.6L V8?
Would I need a new transmission?

Please let me know the differences of these 2 engines: (GT and Crown Vic) and what I need to do to complete the swap.

Like I said, I have read online they are the EXACT same.. so would everything line up correctly? Plug and play? Let me know everything needed, and your opinion on the swap. Will it make the same horsepower as a stock GT if tuned correctly? Thank you for reading! (This is my first post on here!) :SN:

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Jun 26, 2019
(Made an account to reply) Hey torch. Trust me i dream too. But the truth is. That crown vic motor is not what you want. Its not at all the same 4.6 that comes in the 2005-2009 mustang gt. That particular 4.6 in the crown vic is most likely making power closer to your v6 than it is 300hp. If you want a cheap ford v8, pick up a 1999-2004 mustang gt. They sell for even cheaper than your v6 and make somewhat similar power, but have better aftermarket. Its a 2valve SOHC 4.6... the 2005-2009 have a 3 valve.