2008 Shelby GT500 Super Snake

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  1. Slithering?stomping?.well,whatever way the 2008 Shelby GT500 Super Snake comes into view, one isnot likely to forget one of the most impressive modern day muscle cars on thescene. This S197 Shelby GT500 carries atad extra?not just in brand, name, or price, but also under the hood: another50hp more than the upcoming GT500 KR (King of the Road). 605hp isn?t much to sneeze at, whether you?rea straight-line OR a twisty racer.

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  2. My God has it really come to a 600+ HP stock Mustang?!?

    Hey Mike remember me (check my join date :) )
  3. Walter,

    Wow you have been a member a long time, I guess since inception on StangNet (launched in Aug that year). Cool to see you back in the saddle. :)
  4. Yes I have, I remember when the site started, the rivalry with corral.net, and whatever happened to project Tang?

    It's great to be back!