2008 to Host Return of Boss and Bullitt

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  1. Everyone knows you have to strike it while it's hot. Ford (http://ford.com/)'s doing just this, with the forthcoming release of two iconic Ford Mustang flavors: the Boss (../Mustang-Aftermarket/Ford-Racing-Boss-302-Engine-061031.html) and the Bullitt (../bullitt/indexpage1.htm). The latest pony in the stable, the Shelby GT (http://www.planetmustang.com/genera...y_gt_production_begins_in_january_001014.asp), will soon be accompanied by these two Mustang variants in 2007. The Bullitt will, of course, seek to capture the essence and aura of the 1968 390 GT ridden by Steve McQueen. The Boss version of the Mustang will be an even bigger bang in the market, with the first Mustang to be powered by the all-new 5.0 liter Hurricane V8 powerplant. This limited-edition Boss is rumored to produce anywhere from 425 to 435 horsepower, possess a Spartan (stripped down) interior, and have less fluff to maximize performance.