2008 Wheels on a 2002 Mustang? How do they look?

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  1. I just bought a 02 Mustang and want to replace the wheels. I found a great deal on a set of 2008 split spoke Mustang wheels. How would they look on a 2002? Does anyone have this setup? Any Photos out there? The Tires on the Mustang are Brand New and I want to stay with a 16" wheel. I love the Bullitt wheels, but they are 17".


  2. Just get some 16" Torque Thrust D's thats what the bullitts are replicas of anyways
  3. Like the Torque Thrust D's! But I can't afford $1200 for the wheels.
    Thats why I am looking at used Mustang wheels. Thanks:(
  4. I'm not sure how they look on an '04, but i AM familiar with how they look on 94 - 98's. I can post pics if you want. Also, I might add that the 05 -11 rim offset is a lot steeper than the 94 -04 Mustangs. So if you install these , you will need the proper wheel spacers to avoid any rubbing on the front fenders ? suspension components and the rear wheel well rubbing. I have a set of '07' GT rims that I have used on my '96 and even with 1/4" spacers on the lugs, I still had rubbing issues on both the front and back. HTye do look nice though. I have pics of both the spoke wheels on a 94-98 and also the GT rims.
  5. I just picked up a 2001 'barn find'. It had been stored since '07.

    Craig's List in my area has a good selection of '05-'11, factory 17" Bullitts and split mags that the racer-boys can't wait to get rid of!

    The good news for me was the set I grabbed included four good tires!

    the 235/55/R17's fill the wheel well really nicely.