2009 Gt500 Rear End Housing Installation

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  1. Does anyone have or know where to find all the torque specs for installing a complete new housing into a 2009 GT500? I am talking about the torque specs for upper/lower control arms bolts, sway bar bolts, panhard bolts, shock bolts, etc...

  2. Hey Max:

    Upper control arm-to-frame, interior:129 ft. lbs
    Upper control arm-to-frame, exterior:85 ft. lbs
    Upper control arm-to-axle:129 ft. lbs
    Lower control arm-to-chassis:129 ft. lb.s
    Lower control arm-to-axle: 129 ft. lbs
    Sway bar link-to-chassis bolts 85 ft. lbs
    Sway bar bracket nuts 52 ft. lbs
    Panhard rod, all: 129 ft.lbs
    Shock-to-chassis: 30ft.lbs
    Shock-to-axle: 85 ft. lbs

    According to Haynes. Good luck.
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