Expired 2009 Mustang Gt Premium Track Car

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Phillip Moore

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Dec 15, 2014
For sale: 2009 Mustang GT Premium Track Car

VIN: Removed by staff please private message this info to perspective buyers versus posting it in a public forum. ~Noobz

In Feb 2011, I purchased this car after dreaming about owning one for years. Later that year, I took it to New Jersey Motorsports Park, and acquired a very dangerous addiction to track driving. This car was my primary track car for the last 2 years, until I decided I wanted to get into real racing. I purchased a 1991 1.6L Spec Miata race car, and now the Mustang is simply not getting driven very often, and I need to part with it in order to focus on my fledgling racing career.

The base vehicle is a 2009 Mustang GT Premium with just under 52K miles. That includes:

[-] 4.6L SOHC V8, 5-speed Manual Transmission
[-] Ford Factory Navigation
[-] Sirius XM Satellite Radio
[-] Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone

In addition I've made the following electronic and cosmetic modifications:

[-] Escort Passport 9500ci Radar Detector and Laser Jammer (https://www.escortradar.com/passport9500ci)
[-] Sequential Tail Lights
[-] 3rd Brake Light "Mustang" decal
[-] "Mustang GT" rocker panel stripes
[-] Rear Seat Delete Kit (can't get into the back with the harness bar in place anyway)

I've also invested in the following performance and safety mods for the car as well. All of this work has been done by Joe and the crew and Mustang Magic in Deer Park, NY, and the car has been maintained by MM as well as the excellent race team at Savings Auto Center in Stratford, CT.

[-] Steeda Cold Air Intake
[-] 4.10 Differential Gears
[-] Steeda Competition Suspension Components:
[+] Front and Rear Control Arms
[+] Front and Rear Sway Bars
[+] Springs
[+] Adjustable Pan Hard
[-] Tobiko D-Spec Adjustable Shocks
[-] Wilwood Front Brakes
[-] Caster/Camber Plates
[-] Billet Hood Struts
[-] Corbeau CR1 Leather Racing Seats, with 5 Pt Harnesses
[-] Shelby Hood Pins
[-] Front and Rear Strut tower braces
[-] American Racing Headers (worth it for the sound alone, not to mention the extra RWHP!!)
[-] Magnaflow Exhausts
[-] Underdrive Pulley
[-] Stainless Steel Rear Brake Lines
[-] Ford Racing Gauges (old pressure, coolant temp, voltage) in a 3-guage dashboard pod
[-] Brey Krause quick release fire extinguisher mount (on the harness bar, within easy reach)
[-] 2.5 lb Halon Fire Extinguisher

The car was put on the dyno last summer, and it produces 315 RWHP. Over the last 2 years, I've done about 25 track days in this car, most of them with the SCDA (Sports Car Driving Association, http://www.scda1.com), and while I have had a few spins, and taken it off track a couple of times, the car has NEVER hit anything, and doesn't have a single dent on it. Every 4 or 5 track days, the car had complete fluid changes, and has been lovingly maintained, and it has a LOT of life (and fun) left in it.

After I retired it from track days in 2013 (when I bought the Miata), the transmission and clutch were replaced with a rebuilt TR-3650. There are NO problems with car at all, as I've stayed on top of every single issue I encountered, and kept it top shape.

I also have 4 sets of wheels and 5 sets of tires for this car, but most the tires other than the ones ON the car are pretty old and probably not worth much. The Sumitomo's on the car only have about 1000 miles on them, and have never been tracked.

[-] (on the car) Black GT 500 knock offs (18x9 in front, 18x10 in back) with Sumitomo HTRZs
[-] Silver Powder Coated Roh International Stradas (19x9s), with some dead Michelin PS2s
[-] Enkei PF01s (18x9s) with some corded NT01s
[-] The stock GT wheels with whatever rubber was on them when I bought the car

I also have a set of NT05s for the Enkeis, which have more than half the tread left.

Everything above is included. My total investment in the car? Easily between 50K and 60K, so if you wanted to recreate this beast, that's about what it would run you.

I'm asking $20,000 OBO. If you're looking for a fun car that is a beast on the track, this is the deal you're looking for.

There are LOTS of photos of the car available here:


and if you want to see how it behaves on track (when I'm driving anyway :), check out my YouTube track videos:



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