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  1. Easy to do online & pay by credit card!

    Please do so this week (by Friday July 3rd) to make sure you get your goody bag!

    Start by: 2009 Saleen NATIONALS

    Then click: Regstration

    There are a couple options:
    #1 Show Registration Only : $20 for the first car, $20 for the second car, FREE for your 3rd or more car.

    #2 SCOA "Show & Membership" Bundle: $55
    Includes: Show registration, 1 year membership in SCOA, Event T-shirt

    Either way, Welcome Bash (2 tickets) included with show registration (Extra's available)

    Don't forget about the Big Dinner Saturday Night!

    See everyone there!

    I just wanted to point out for those coming to the event, but leaving their car at home, they should still pre-register it for the event!


    Well, if you choose Option #2 for $55, the SCOA "Show & Membership" Bundle you get:
    * 1 year membership to SCOA (added to your current expiration date) $25 value
    * 2 Tickets to the SCOA Friday night Welcome party $10+ value
    * 1 Event T-Shirt $20 value
    * Goody bag with lots of cool stuff (you know you want it!)

    See everyone at the Nationals!
  2. Man....

    I really wish I could pull it off. The convenient thing is, I've got friends that live in Castle Rock as well....
  3. There are several people who are flying in for the weekend to be part of this, and to enjoy the friends they already have and to make new ones :)

    Southwest flight: Indy <--> Denver is $250 :)
  4. The Pre-Registration cut-off has been extended 1 week!


    Keep them coming and see you at the Show!
  5. You can still register online until July 26th!

    Start: 2009 Saleen NATIONALS

    Then: Click Registration

    Why would I want to register online vs Friday @ The Rockyard Welcome Party or the morning of the show?

    Answer: This saves you time!

    See you at the Event!

    Come be part of the largest gathering of Saleens of the year!
  6. Great turnout and thanks to everyone who made it.

    Over 100 Saleens/StangsFord GTs at the event :)

    Sample image:

    More images are on the SCOA Club forums.