2009 Used Mustang

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  1. Is it ever ok to consider purchasing a car that was in an accident? The auto check of the vin says a minor accident 4 years ago to the rear. Should I even consider this after a review from my mechanic or should I walk away? It is a 2009 v6 with 48k miles.
  2. So is it salvage? I don't necessarily see the problem in buying a salvage titled car, if I were you get it inspected to make sure it's in good working order. Insurance shouldn't be a problem, I've never once been asked if a car was salvaged or not. Just konw when you buy it, if you're getting a loan, you're never getting the money back. If it's something you feel you'll have for a long time, you should be fine, but if you plan to sell it, you will lose money. Where I'm from any car that has been totaled, can't be re-registered until it has been inspected by the state and is considered safe to drive, and has a prior-salvaged titled for the rest of it's life. So if I were you I would look up the laws on salvaged, prior salvaged cars. But, if it's not salvaged, just get it inspected to make sure it's safe and haggle the price down as much as you can.
  3. Minor accident doesn't sound too bad. Take the car someplace and put it on a lift and check out any structural damage.