2010 1/4 mile times!

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  1. what is everyone running in the 1/2 mile with 2010 GT's (time and speed). I ran a 13.97 at 101.5. Im just curious what these cars should run. I had a lot of wheel spin off the start hurting my 60 ft time which was a 2.1.
  2. dang, 1/2 mile in 13.97...you was flyin!
  3. woops, meant 1/4 mile
  4. Untill you learn to launch, your probably looking at 13.70-90s....13.50s once you get the hang of it.
  5. yea. you need to get some more practice. hell i was clicking off 13.60'[email protected] with 2.0 60' in my 03GT with a tune and catback as mods..i dont see why we wont see people in the 13.20 range in the 2010's with some practice.
  6. If you ran a 13.97 in the 1/2 mile, I think I'm going to go order my new 2010 GT TODAY! :rlaugh:
  7. :lol:

    I want to take mine to the track but I'm going to wait until this fall when it's not in the 90s every day. Besides, if MotorTrend ran a 13.5 then I know it's that fast :rlaugh:
  8. It better be that fast! Remember, it has to outrun those Hyundai Genesis cars that Ford is so scared of! :rlaugh:
  9. Did you have the kona blue gt at cecil friday night?
  10. Mine is Grabber Blue and i was at Capitol Raceway Friday.
  11. D A ...Temp..all that will play in affect to your times as well.....
  12. Oh there was a 2010 at cecil friday running darn near the exact same times.
  13. So what did you run?
  14. I'm shopping for a 2010, & I've heard that the the automatics are almost as quick as the sticks.
    Is this so?
    I've always had stick shifts, but I'm tempted to go automatic if the two are almost the same.
    Also, are the factory performance upgrades available on the autos?
  15. True, the 5 speed automatic used from 2005-2010 is just about as quick as the 5 speed manual. Very similar gear spacing is the secret. The automatic is only about 1 or 2 tenths slower in the 1/4 mile from the factory, but can be made as quick - or quicker - than the manual with minimal effort.

    I owned 5 stick shift Mustangs, then chose an automatic for my 2007 GT with no regrets. All the same performance mods apply - automatic and manual.

    Here's a couple mods for the automatic, though. Install a big stall converter in the automatic (like I did) and you can launch super hard, plus you can keep revs up during shifts (much like powershifting a manual). Adjust the computer tuning for more line pressure for rock hard shifts. And, you'll never miss a shift with an automatic (ever get hung up at high revs trying to pound 2nd to 3rd in a stick shift? Doesn't happen with the automatic).

    For road racing through the twisties, the manual is still the way to go, IMO. But, the automatic makes for a great daily driver and weekend bracket racer.
  16. Yep, both of my mustangs were manuals and I loved it....then when I got my SS I got an Auto, Really like it. I got a Shift Kit and need to install a Stall Converter. Carefull though on how big of a stall you put in though....:)
  17. In shopping for converters over the years, I've learned from most converter companies that the correct stall speed is just a few hundred rpm's below peak torque for your engine. A stock 05-10 GT makes peak torque at 4,500 rpm's per Ford, so a 4,000+ rpm stall converter would be ideal. My supercharged 07 GT makes peak torque at 5,100 rpm's and the stall speed is 4,800 rpm's - just about perfect.
  18. I had our (UPR) 2010 GT Convertible Automatic out at the track last Wednesday and best for the night was a 14.08 @ 100 with 2.20 60 foot. No problems with traction but it sorely needs some gear to get out of the hole. Scales weren't working so I didn't get to weigh it. With a little better conditions and maybe some cool down time 13's won't be a problem. All our runs were done at full temp and the DA was around 1800' most of the night (84*, 71% humidity, 30.03 barometer, track at 5' above sea level).

  19. Hey, Bill, your GT Vert would run 13's most every time at our local track. We're 250 feet above sea level, and DA's are usually in the 500-600' range.
  20. Brenspeed had a 2010 GT auto at the NMRA finals in Bowling Green KY last weekend running [email protected] only mod was a tune. I watched him make 3 pass [email protected] was the slowest he went.