2010 1/4 mile times!

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  1. With roush catback C&L CAI, and 91 tune, 13.40 @107 best of the day. Sixty foot times are killin me2.1-2.26 guess I need to learn to drive again. 5 Speed and 3.31 gears

  2. ^^^ Not bad....get those sixty times down and your looking low 13s.....good stuff
  3. Yeah I have been out of the game for awhile, first time back to the track in about 3years. Gonna do 3.73's suspension and some dr's and look for some low 13's or high 12's

  4. Adam Browne of Revolution performance has his 2010 down to 12.0 at 109 or 110mph. He has slicks and skinnies, 4.30s , and long tube headers. He is hoping for high elevens soon.
  5. Just ran a 13.72 at 104.7 last night. 60 ft time still needs some work but its getting there. I need drag radials and lower control arms. Wheel hop is really bad...
  6. 13.70 at 102mph

    I ran at MIR this past weekend at the Domestic vs Imports. My time runs were 13.7s at 102-103 mph with a very easy launch. Car could easily run 13.30-40's all day long with a set of drag radials. I have nothing done to the car at all.
  7. Automatic or Manual?...if manual what gear ratio in the rear end?

    ......EDIT NEVERMIND-Just saw in your other post that you are a manual with 3.55's
  8. we just got a new 2010 GT 5 speed, I was not aware that the stock rear end was a 3.31 (I thought 3.55 was standard and 3.73 was the upgrade). How much performance do you think is lost with this rear end vs a 3.55 or 3.73? I assume we may get slightly better highway mileage also?
  9. Seach Revolution Automotive 2010 mustang goes 11's NA on youtube and that is Adam Browne going 11.96 and 11.99 at 114mph in his 2010.
  10. Last night I went [email protected] was my fastest run.Mods
    JLT carbon fiber intake
    SCT X-3 tuner [Brenspeed tune]
    Steeda U/D pullies
    UPR high flow catted X-pipe
    stock 3:55 gear
    on stock 19s with stock tires.
    My first run with the car for the night was a [email protected]
  11. Nice run and congrats on the 12sec pass! What was your 60'?
  12. ^^^^Helluva Run !!! Man knows what hes doin :)

    What was the DA....Temp ?
  13. Just got back from the track, all stock automatic 60'=2.0, 1/4mile=13.7 @102mph...not too bad, and it was pretty warm out 80 degrees

    Mods begin this week!!
  14. Sorry it took so long to get back,Had some login problem..I made 3 full passes and 3 half passes [trying to get the 60down] first pass 60" was 2.2 after working on it 2nd pass was a 2.0 and on the last pass I pulled a 1.94
    temp was 74* slight tail wind 5 mph. no DA listed

  15. No problem. Get yourself some 1.8's on stock tires and you should be pretty happy.
  16. exhaust, ud pulleys an a tune got you down to 12s nice.
  17. i ran a 14.4 tonight bone stock with 2500 miles @ 4000 feet of altitude. that would be around 13.4 or 13.5 @ sea level.
  18. has anyone heard the actual ET of that new drag mustang? thing looks super badass.
  19. nice! drop that 60ft to 1.7 and you should be at @ 12.5. very impressive for a relatively stock car.
  20. What did you trap?