2010 10lb procharger kit!

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by boston2k4, Jan 30, 2010.

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  1. well yall might have seen my post many moons back but i bought and installed one of the first procharger kits on the new stang i had nothing but headaches with finding a tune for her but after a couple tries i finaly found one and boy it was sweet.

    this kit withmy customs tunes made 501hp and 486 tq with the a/f very safe for daily driving. with some more tweaking this kit is capable of alot more heck i yanked 538 on a pull but got nervous for my block so we richened it up.

    im currently in a bad situation and need to off some toys so i removed my charger and put it aside heres whats included and what would be needed.

    *procharger unit (not polished) with less than 5000 miles on it
    *complete procharger tubing
    *frontmount intercooler
    *injectors (forget the # but they are the right ones for the job)
    *sct tuner (has 2 tunes it it for this kit) includeding amodified stock tune that i currently run)
    *MAFia maf extender (helps you not peg out your maf at high power gains)
    *net book with sct dataloggin software installed its not needed but hella nice to have (throwing in not making my price change)

    things you need
    another fuel pump either a dual setup or a nasty single
    in all honesty prochargers tubing is fine but the rubber heater hose you hoseclamp to it to connect them is horrid i would buy a nice silicone kit but this is optional
    i can throw in a couple gauges too i got 3 PLX gauges (oled screens) air/fuel , boost. air temp with a triple no drill dash gauge pod
    i can supply pics if needed some of the pipes hav mild scratches but nothing overwhelming or ridiculous.

    heres my price and location of kit
    im looking for 4500 no checks oiu's or rupees please american currency i can use
    im in charleston south caronlina and this deal wont last long as i am scheduled to go back on vaction to the beach with no water (deploy)

    hit me up in the forums here or at my email [email protected]

    Happy tuning:nice:


    ps yes the car still srun... no its not broke thes cars can handle 500hp daily driving i did it for 5000 miles without a single issue!
  2. update i could use the money so any reasonable offer will get the ball rolling...

    so now im lo0king for maybe 4000 or best lest go people! im leaving out for my deployment soon so im trying to put it out there to pay my bills before i leave so i can save all my pennies and dimes for a gt500
  3. Will this kit work with the 07 GT?
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