Expired 2010-2012 Trufiber Venom Hood, New Painted Torch Red

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  1. IMG_20140515_115746242.jpg Hi,
    I bought a trufiber GTS-4 hood for my 2007 Mustang GT from American muscle. I had it sent to GIS bodyshop in Glenshaw PA. They sent me the wrong hood, a trufiber venom hood for a 2010-2012 GT or V6 mustang. GIS prepped, block sanded, Painted/cleared top and bottom. When they went to install, doesn't fit. The pics are on my 07 at GIS they sent to show me.

    So basically, I paid $700 for the hood, paid GIS $731.88 for prep and paint, see the attached invoice. Basically $1,431.88 Invested

    If you have a torch red 2010-2012 GT or V6, this hood is PERFECT, no waves, top notch perfect body work. Lets talk. The hood is in Allison Park PA 15101. I can even install it.

    Pick-up ONLY. I am 5 miles north of PITTSBURGH PA. I am 2 miles south of the PA turnpike 76.
    $1,200.00 and you can leave your stock hood at my business for a week or two until you can come back and grab it. Grab it on your way to the Ford Nats.

    Lets talk

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