2010 Boss Ford Mustang Retired before Hired

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    Just when Ford Mustang fans were getting a full head of steam in the race to nostalgic bliss, Ford steps in and makes an announcement that the Boss Ford Mustang is not one that we'll see into production. PickupTrucks.com recently reported that Ford is chopping the program for the Boss V8, only slotting it for the engine bays of the Super Duty truck lineup.

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  2. sorry but with this news :nonono: , I'm not going to give ford my money for my new car in 2010. its going to the new camaro now :rolleyes:
  3. Can't blame you,for going to the camaro. or the challenger. I love ford & mustangs to but when every one else goes forward, ford seems to go ASS backwards!!Build the BOSS! Who cares if gas is $4.00 a gal. no one buy's a mustang like that for gas milage! You must not like money. The car looks good by looking at the one pic on here. FORD....... quit caving in!!! :nono::eek:
  4. any more info on the engine that it was going to get??
  5. That really sucks. Ford needs to get their ass in gear w/ the new Camaro coming out, I heard the V6 version is going to have 300 HP that will take down the new GT's :rolleyes:

    Ford needs to stop putting all the high HP into cars that no avg working joe can afford anymore
  6. This information sucks because it's bogus! The Fields' comments are in the context of the new V8 Hurricane/Boss 6.2L truck motor *only* and what was said referred *only* to restricting that engine to the Super-Duty trucks (not F150, Navigator etc). His comment about not being able to cancel someting that never was refers to the (unfounded) rumors that the 6.2 was to ship in the '10MY Mustang -- that never was the plan and he's now confirmed that.

    What his comments do *not* address is the 5.0L revised modular motor rumored to ship in the '10MY BOSS Mustang next summer. Yep, that's right!

    I really hope stangnet will remove the disinformation on Fields saying the BOSS Mustang is dead. ALL OF HIS COMMENTS were in reference to the 6.2L truck motor *only*

    Here's a link to a more accurate reporting

    For those who may want more insight as to why there is so much confusion, this summary I prepared might be helpful. I do not work for Ford Motor Company:

    BOSS was intended as a branding program having nothing to do with a specific engine (really). In a Ford media release about a year and half ago they eluded to this. The intent was to use the revered BOSS name to do what DCX did with the Hemi redux but taking it further to a broad branding program.

    The Hurricane-turned-Boss was to be 6.2 and 5.8 (not 5.0). The 5.0 BOSS has always been in the context of a Mustang and is a revised modular (slightly longer cylinder sleeves, slightly larger bore, block strengthening) to get to 5.0L. It's builf off the low-deck alloy modular (like the 4.6GT) but in DOHC (like the '03-'04 Cobras) but in alloy (like the '99/'01 Cobras) but beffier (like the low-deck Aluminator used in drifting). It is unrelated to the H/Boss sharing essentially no parts. It's also not to be confused with the 5.4 modular with is a hi-deck version of the modular (room for longer stroke) distinct from the 4.6 (low-deck). So, you could say the revised 5.0 (BOSS 5.0, we hope ) is like a modified '99/'01 DOHC mod with all that been learned since and accommodating 5.0L displacement.

    I don't believe for one second that a BOSS 5.0 mustang is in anyway dependent on Ford cancelling the H/Boss for the F-150/Expedition. BOSS was (and likely still is)a branding program that would potentially apply to many vehicles. If Ford decides not to brand that way it will, imo, be because EcoBoost may be better politically focussed these days. Even than, I think the Mustang will be BOSS branded regardless of whether H/Boss motor is branded BOSS or not in the trucks.

    In summary, there are several different engine families any of which have, are, or may become BOSS-branded (least likely for family 1/1A):

    -- low-deck versions (alloy): 3V SOHC 4.6 M-GT, 4V DOHC 4.6 '99'/'01 Cobras
    -- low-deck versions (iron): 2V SOHC 4.6 CVs; 4V DOHC 4.6 '03/'04 Cobras
    -- hi-deck versions (alloy): 4V DOHC F-GT
    -- hi-deck versions (iron): 3V SOHC 5.4 Lightnings, 4V DOHC 5.4 GT500

    "revised modular" (beefed block...)
    -- low-deck version (alloy): 4V DOHC 4.6 Aluminator (FRP aftermarket only, both short- and long-block assemblies, plug-replaces '03/'04 Cobra's iron block, uesd in pro drifting, excelent 4.6 build-up base, supports at least 750HP)

    Family-1B "revised modular" (beefed block, longer sleeves...)
    -- low-deck version (alloy): 4V DOHC 5.0 '10MY BOSS Mustang (anticipated)
    -- low-deck version (iron): none yet ...likely candidate to replace 4.6s in the trucks: F-150, explorer America, Expedition...

    Family-2: Hurricane/Boss -- clean-sheet large "cammer" design unrelated to anything above
    -- (iron): 2V SOHC 6.2 future F-series (possibly now just SuperDuty, was to be branded BOSS), 5.8 SOHC was to repl 4.6 in trucks (shelved??)
    -- (alloy): purely speculation for BOSS 351 (5.8) and BOSS 429 (7.0L B/S'd 6.2 per Roush/Bowles E85 mule), DOHC version rumored to bee seen in-development but with no plan to produce

    Of course there's also the existing (vintage and current-revised) BOSS-branded motors
    -- low-deck SBF vintage BOSS-302
    -- low-deck current-revisedFRP BOSS-302 and BOSS-branded derivatives
    -- hi-deck SBF vintage BOSS-351
    -- hi-deck SBF current-revised FRP BOSS-351 and BOSS-branded derivatives (coming this fall??)
    -- 385-series BOSS-429 (unrelated to the FE-series 427 BBFs, etc.)

    The above is why there's a lot of confusion out there, imo <lol> Vintage BOSSes, redux 'vintage' BOSS crates, coming 'branded' BOSSes (H/Boss in trucks), coming revised-modular BOSS 5.0 Mustang, potentially more.

    It gets further confused when Ford has Galpin Motorsports do an S197 BOSS-302 that uses the revised-vintage BOSS FRP crate 302 for the 2006 SEMA show! And of course there's the BOSSes out there by the Shinoda group too which are another 'branch' of the BOSS family tree created by immaculate conception

    Oh, and let's not forget the Aussie BOSSes too ... <sheesh!> It's enough to thoroughly confuse even the sincerely-interestred casual observer. Oh, wait! That's exactly what a *branding* program is *designed* to do!! (Is the DCX "Hemi" either a real hemi or a meaningful modern engine worthy of the name?) No wonder then ...and it's all good, imo, as long as Ford puts the right *good* pieces in the right cars ...and does it before I'm too old to get my license renewed! ;-)