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  1. 2010 BOSS. A while back there were rummors of a light weight Boss with a 302.

    I heard that Ford has asked Roush to hold on some of there "special cars" so they could have the chance to launch a special addition Mustang of there own. I think its the boss.

    I need to know because I'll hold off on getting a 2010 Shelby, to get the BOSS in that Grabber Green.:nice:

    What do you know about this?
  2. The Boss was always a stripped down model. No a/c, not much in comfort category. So I'm not sure if they should do a BOSS unless its like that. They can always make another Mach version.
  3. Won't it make more sense to save the Boss 302 for the next MY, with the rumored new 5.0 'coyote' engine?

    Personally, I don't want a 'lightweight' Boss with the 4.6.....we are so overdue for a new V8 (what is it, over 13 years now with the 4.6?).