2010 Camaro - 200 Shot

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  1. :shrug: Personally I think they are ugly. :SNSign:
  2. Daaammmmnnnnnnn

    They have us beat! Screw this, I give up. I'm trading in my '08 for a new Camaro SS.

    Jk jk. :)

    But seriously... Into the mid 11s with just a shot of nitrous? We require a blower with 10+ psi of boost to get near that. :(
  3. If the GT500 got off the line better they would have been side by side. The camaro never pulled any farther away then what it got off the line.
  4. Give the GT500 a shot of gas or a pulley mod and the Camaro would have been toast. Impressive run though, the SS is a beast with a bit of mods as it always has been. But no matter what you can't outrun ugly.
  5. Did that GT500 run a 12.9? Weak.... Cool for the Camaro though; that's pretty impressive. I'm guessing with that launch he had some serious meats on the back. Still cool to watch though.

    I think "world record" is being used out of context though
  6. so.....

    what is a 2010 "track pack" mustang running with a 200 shot?
  7. guessing, world record?
  8. ^^^^lol....I didnt make the claim...they did, and yeah they probably went to far with the World Record. Its cool to see though. Most 07 GT500s though run in the 12.90 -80 region.

    As far as ugly.....lets not point fingers, cause come on....that rear end on the new GT makes Ugly sound good lol !!!

    To comment on the GT with Track pack hitting a 200 shot...... WOuld be nice, but I dont think it would hit 11.50s..maybe low 12s. The GT500 however with a pully swap and some giggle gas would have no problems hitting that and lower.
  9. Lol... If a 3800 pound 426 hp car with a 200 shot will run a 1/4 in 11.5...

    A 3600 pound 315 car with a 200 shot should easily run it in sub 12 seconds. Think about it... If a Whipple charged Stang making 460 rwhp will run it in 11.8, I think its entirely possible...

    Now whether or not the block would last, there's another issue! :D
  10. 200 shot on an already 420 hp car at 11.5. Thats not very impressive honestly. 600+ hp S197 are running low 10s. I like the new Camaro and I am sure they will ET better with more seat time and more mods. So until then my lil wimpy Whippled car @10 lbs will continue to show them my pretty tail lights. A coworker just got a fully loaded SS (minus AT). I am looking forward to going for a ride and check it out up close.

  11. I thought the same thing until I have seen them on the road. Different opinion now.

    The GT may have an ugly rearend to some, but the camaro is ugly from every angle.....speaking from seeing them on the road, not "done up" pics online :)

    There is no doubt that the claim of a world record is probably true. I mean, I could be the first to take a ford flex to the track with a 25 shot and claim a world record.....because no one else has that setup. I could take my saleen, put some fuzzy dice in the mirror and claim to have set the world record for S331s at the track with fuzzy dice :)

    I am still anxious to see what a 200 shot on a track pack GT would run. I think sub 12s are certainly possible.
  12. Let's wait till the 2011 Mustang with the 400HP 5.0 and a 200HP shot comes around then we'll have another look. :)
  13. the new gt500 with some slicks would proabbly be able to hit 11s, just needs some traction for its power.
  14. Actually the KR which is basically a 2010 GT500 went [email protected] bone stock and with a set of slicks went [email protected] with just a set of slicks.
  15. Try Re-Reading my post, I said I can See LOW 12s !!!
  16. I am capable of reading....are you?

    You said low 12s...I said sub 12s.
  17. lol............ NICE, well lets agree to disagree... Better yet, id like to see a 2010 GT take a 200 Shot. Then we'll know. LS Engines it seems are made for Nitrous, look at the pistons and youll see the top piston ring sitting low just like a nitrous piston...Makes you wonder if it was intended. Dunno, but its probably safe to say that a 4.6 mod motor wouldnt be able to take the abuse of a 200 shot to often.

    Still would like to see it done.
  18. If you read further into the SS post they reveal that it's a 150 shot not a 200 shot,
    and there is also a video of an 07 Shelby running an 11.1 I believe with just a swap to a kenne bell blower. :hail2: